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July 26, 2012
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RoadRace Factory and American Supercamp are excited to announce three new Colorado school dates in early August that will give you the opportunity to hone your skills alongside other motorcycle enthusiasts and aspiring road racing talent. Both schools provide an educational environment taught by top-tier instructors, including American Supercamp founder and former AMA Pro Danny Walker, as well as AMA Pro Road Racing stars and RoadRace Factory/Team Red Bull riders JD Beach, Tomas Puerta, Hayden Gillim and Jake Gagne.

American Supercamp
American Supercamp is a riding skill and balance improvement course for all motorcycle riders using aggressive and innovative drills created and perfected by the best riders in motorcycling, including Chris Carr, Eric Bostrom, Colin Edwards and more. The camp is designed to force students to think critically about their actions and the effects that those actions have on the handling of the motorcycle. The camp focuses on improving cornering techniques for increased safety and speed; corner entrance and exit; and if need be, accelerating past the competition.

Dates for the upcoming American Supercamp courses:
American Supercamp – Ladies Only
Date: Friday, August 10, 2012
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Track: RaceHouse
Address: 8606 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, CO. 80528
Cost: $250

American Supercamp – Combined
Date: Saturday and Sunday, August 11 – 12, 2012
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Track: RaceHouse
Address: 8606 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, CO. 80528
Cost: $400

RoadRace Factory School
RoadRace Factory School students will be instructed by international race winners and champions on how to push the limits of their equipment in order to hone their reflexes and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic between riding style and bike control. Instruction will focus on body position, trail braking, picking up the throttle early, maximizing drive, weighting the foot pegs and getting comfortable with sliding the motorcycle.

In order to provide a personal level of instruction, the RoadRace Factory School size has been limited to 20 entries. Riders only need to bring good-condition leathers and a desire to learn in order to get on track. Students will participate on school-provided Yamaha WR250Fs equipped with XT Racing lap timers, and each student will also be supplied with a GoPro HD HERO2 camera to capture their experience in stunning high-definition video.

Dates for the upcoming RoadRace Factory School:
RoadRace Factory School
Date: Monday, August 6, 2012
Track: IMI Motorsports
Address: 5074 Summit Boulevard, Dacono, CO 80514
Phone: (303) 833-4949
Cost: $600

To register for the upcoming American Supercamp or RoadRace Factory School sessions, applicants are invited to head to American Supercamp’s signup page at  

Over the past 15 years, American Supercamp has trained most of the top American road racers using a core philosophy: the key to advancing a rider’s skill is to have them push the limits of themselves and their machinery. During that time, American Supercamp chief honcho Danny Walker has often been approached about instructing a Road Race School, but felt it would be very difficult to get students to be able to push their limits and advance their skills on a standard road course using full-size race bikes without the consequences of a mistake being severe. RoadRace Factory School has been designed specifically to allow riders to push their limits, understand their reflexes and modify their riding habits in an environment where the consequences of mistakes have been minimized. Utilizing the Yamaha WR250F’s on smaller, slow road racing courses allows the riders to do just that. RoadRace Factory, the one and only road racing school where it is okay and accepted to fall down. 

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