Simoncelli Foundation Receives Gilera RSA 250

July 24, 2012
Courtesy of Aprilia Racing
Simoncellis father Paolo accepted his sons bike. 2008 crew chief to Sic Aligi Deganello and Luigi Dalllgna  Technical and Sport Director of the Aprilia Racing Divison also attended the presentation
Simoncelli’s father Paolo accepted his son’s bike. 2008 crew chief to “Sic” Aligi Deganello and Luigi Dall’lgna, Technical and Sport Director of the Aprilia Racing Divison also attended the presentation

In the Aprilia Racing headquarters the number 58 Gilera RSA 250, the bike Marco Simoncelli rode to the category world championship title in 2008, was handed over to Paolo Simoncelli today.

Astride Aprilia Racing bikes, the unforgotten “Sic” had begun to gain notoriety in 2002 with his unique style and good natured ways, characteristics which soon made him a favourite with the fans. Winning the 250 World Championship was the peak of an exciting path, fed by strong ties on both a personal and sports level.

“Marco is an important part of history for Aprilia and the entire Piaggio Group – said Luigi Dall’Igna, Technical and Sport Director of the Aprilia Racing Division – With us, astride the Gilera 250, he won a World Championship and thrilled millions of fans, leaving an indelible mark on the world of motorcycle competitions and in the hearts of those who had the good fortune of working with him. Marco was a good rider, tenacious, courageous. But in all of our hearts, we will always hold that kid with the ‘Romagnolo’ accent, so tall that he had to struggle to cram himself into the GP bikes, who could make the entire garage smile just be being there”.

Marco Simoncellis 2008 winning Gilera RSA 250 was recently presented to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation.
Marco Simoncelli aboard the Gilera RSA 250 in 2008.

Also present at the delivery was Aligi Deganello, crew chief to “Sic” in the 2008 world championship season: “The Foundation is the best way to remember Marco, a guy who knew he was lucky and precisely for that reason he tried to help the less fortunate. Seeing this bike always has a strange effect on me because I think back on how hard we worked and on the joy of the World Championship we won with Marco”.

The Marco Simoncelli Foundation was created with the intention of sustaining humanitarian projects for the needy, especially young people. The goal of the Foundation is to promote the commitment of sports to society, based on the values for which Marco was a genuine and sincere ambassador.

“Another special day, another gesture that fills the hearts of our family in memory of a victory which made Marco happy and proud: on 20 October 2008 astride this bike he achieved a dream he had always had – said Paolo Simoncelli – I can remember that even in primary school he had a very clear idea of what his goal was: ‘one day I’ll be world champion’ was the phrase that appeared most often in his diary and on that day, astride the Team Metis Gilera, that dream came true. Many thanks to Aprilia again today, as then”.

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