Spies Rues Tire Problem that Cost Podium

July 2, 2012
Scott Mathews
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Ben Spies took his best finish of the season in fourth-place.
Ben Spies missed out on a podium finish after his rear tire started to shed chunks of rubber in the final laps of the race.

Ben Spies was cruelly denied a first podium of 2012 in yesterday’s Dutch TT at Assen after being forced to slow dramatically by a serious rear tire issue in the final stages of the 26-lap clash.

Spies appeared to have third place secured having edged away from Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider Andrea Dovizioso before his rear tire started to shed chunks of rubber in the closing stages. The Texan, who claimed his only MotoGP victory in Assen a year ago, held off Dovizioso until the last lap but with his rear tire losing grip he had to back off and settle for fourth.

It was his best result of a difficult season but the factory Yamaha rider said: “I got a decent start and felt good on the bike, maybe even a bit better pace than the others at the beginning and then I settled into a really good rhythm after two or three laps. Then I got a really bad vibration from the rear and a chunk came off the tire. Then with three laps to go a second chunk came out of it and at the end there were two huge holes in the tire. I don’t think me or the team have done anything wrong and we weren’t the only ones who had the issue. It was dangerous.”

Valentino Rossi also had a major rear tire issue and the Italian’s was so bad he was forced to pull into the pits for a new rear tire just after the halfway stage. It is the second race in a row that Spies has suffered with a major rear tire wear issue but he said yesterday’s problem was far worse than what he experienced at Silverstone last month.

Ben Spies and Andrea Dovizioso battled for podium position for much of the Assen TT.
Spies was just one rider who experienced difficulty with his tires, Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner also struggled with tire wear and loss of grip.

“At Silverstone the tire didn’t come apart but we had a tire problem. At Silverstone it was blistered and the shape was deformed but here the tire came apart. Throughout my career and even in World Superbikes my strongest point has been that I am easy on the tires. Now I don’t know what has happened in the last few races. We did a race run on Friday in practice and everything was fine and did plenty of laps on the tires at Silverstone but at both races we have had huge disasters. You don’t know when it is going to happen and what it will do. It has been very inconsistent. It is frustrating because the last two weekends I think I have been robbed, that’s all there is to it. It has been frustrating because you know you have done everything right and you can’t control it. It is like someone owes me a couple of podium paychecks. It sucks to say that but that’s the truth. I am not going to hold my hands up and say it was my fault here or at Silverstone because it wasn’t. At the beginning of the season maybe we made a couple of mistakes but the last couple we haven’t done anything wrong.”

Bridgestone’s Shinichi Yamashita, General Manager of the Motorsport Tire Development Department, promised a thorough investigation to find out why Spies and Rossi had such major issues.