Superstore Honors Daley for ‘Super Bagger’

July 25, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Heres a great shot of the Motorcycle Superstore Harley-Davidson Road Glide project customized by ThunderStrucks Mark Daley.
Ready to ride! The Motorcycle Superstore ‘Super Bagger’ is complete and ready to be unleashed on the world. Great job, Mark and Travis of Thunder Struck Custom Bikes!
Friends and fans showed up at the Touvelle Lodge for the appreciation party the Motorcycle Superstore threw for Mark Daley.
Friends and fans showed up in droves Saturday at the Touvelle Lodge for the appreciation party the Motorcycle Superstore threw for Thunder Struck Customs. Free burgers, live music, and a ‘Show and Shine’ accompanied the public debut of the Superstore’s custom Harley Road Glide.

With work on the “Super Bagger” completed, it was time to cut loose this past weekend as the Motorcycle Superstore held an appreciation party for Mark Daley of Thunder Struck Customs. Daley graciously volunteered his time as the “Everyman” for the Superstore project, demonstrating what can be done to customize a 2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide sourcing aftermarket parts from the Motorcycle Superstore and other contributors like Biker’s Choice and BikeMaster. And though just about anybody could do the work involved on the project, it was still Daley’s eye for design that brought the project together, the resulting hot rod bagger a blend of grace and power.

Over 100 people showed up at Central Point’s Touvelle Tavern Saturday night, a local biker joint with an unparalleled view of the mesas of Southern Oregon’s Table Rock from its outdoor patio. Red X rocked the house, running through a set list that varied from Alice in Chains to Fleetwood Mac with the Superstore “Super Bagger” making a special appearance onstage. The air was filled with the smell of burgers grillin’ as the Motorcycle Superstore sprung for dinner for the first 100 people through the door. The taps were flowing with ice-cold beer and the mood was upbeat as the sun cooled down and the party heated up. “Big Tim” rode away with the $100 gift certificate to the Motorcycle Superstore after his nickel-plated 1985 FXR with a 124 cubic-inch engine won the Show and Shine contest. Another crowd-pleaser entered in the show was a rare 125cc two-stroke 1946 Panhead an old-timer rolled in.

But this night was all about the bagger. The motorcycle is ultra-clean, the unmistakable silhouette of the Sharknose fairing up front rolling back to an FBI Drop Seat and custom bags. The engine compartment is super tidy and there’s a notable absence of visible wiring. The flat Gun Metal Grey and Black Cermaic tones are a refreshing departure from the chromed-out look. Instead of a hodge-podge of parts, the components have a certain symmetry, from the grooves in the Arlen Ness Deep Cut Fork Boots to the grooved shift linkage. Hopped up with an S&S 106” Big Bore Kit, new pushrods, cams, intake and exhaust, this thing has the “get up and go” to match its show. The new open belt BDL primary adds to the Superstore baggers race aesthetic, riders now capable of witnessing the spinning belt and the mechanicalness of the machine that was formerly concealed behind a big chrome cover. The bagger skirts the ground courtesy of its Progressive Air Ride suspension and is more rider-friendly for a larger cross section of riders with the addition of a drop seat. We applaud Daley for resisting the temptation to go huge up front, as 23-inch and even 26-inch front hoops have been the popular choice for bagger builders lately. He made a wise decision in choosing to go with a 19-incher up front which ties in much better to the hot rodded performance he was going for. The studded 18-spoke Ridewright Windmill wheels match the radial design of Thunder Struck’s air cleaner and horn cover, too. A stand-out custom is all about attention to detail, right?

The Superstore Super Bagger has a hot rod look so it was only fitting to shoot it out on the quarter-mile.An S S 106 Big Bore Kit  a BDL open belt drive  a ThunderStruck horn cover and Gun Metal Grey and Black Ceramic paint are just some of the highlights on the Motorcycle Superstore bagger.Attention to detail sets a killer custom motorcycle apart from the crowd.Mark Daley paid attention to detail with the Motorcycle Superstore Harley bagger project.The addition of PIAA lights is one of Daleys favorite new features on the Superstore Road Glide.Kerker pipes  FBI saddlebag lids with speakers and a new drop seat are features of the custom Road Glides tail end.Ridewright came through with some sick new wheels for the Superstore Super Bagger.

When asked about his favorite part of the project, Daley mentioned the PIAA off-road lights which give the front end an industrial look. In fact, Daley said it’s a tough call because he likes the overall combination that comprises the front end, including the fairing, lights and wheels.

The project also helped inspire Thunder Struck’s new “Sniper” line of original parts from Mark Daley Designs. The

Mark Daley breaks in the Superstore Super Bagger properly!
Mark Daley breaks in the Superstore Super Bagger properly!

saddlebag latches used on the Superstore “Super Bagger” are the newest product in the “Sniper” line, along with the slick air cleaner and horn cover used on the bike, both available to the public through Mark Daley Designs. (541-779-0340)

After being the guest star at the Superstore Appreciation Party, the Harley Road Glide project bike is headed to Sturgis next. It’s been a treat to watch the bike go from a stock Harley bagger to a show quality custom. If you like what you see, just about every part is available through the Motorcycle Superstore. All it takes is time, money, and a little determination. Having Mark Daley in your corner doesn’t hurt, either.