X Games 18 Moto X Men’s Enduro X Results

July 1, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Mens Moto X Enduro X podium with Mike Brown  center  taking the gold  Cody Webb  left  with the silver and Cory Graffunder  right  with the bronze.
Men’s Moto X Enduro X podium with Mike Brown (center) taking the gold, Cody Webb (left) with the silver and Cory Graffunder (right) with the bronze.

The second year of X Games Moto X Enduro X featured a track littered with boulders, logs, water obstacles, tight turns and other such harrowing features of outdoor landscape as to make any sensible rider shake their head in disbelief. Mike Brown took the gold in the in Men’s Enduro X at X Games 18 ahead of a field of seasoned competitors. Cody Webb followed in second and earned the silver while Cory Graffunder secured the bronze.

Brown made it through the first heat of qualifying in second behind 2011 Enduro X winner Taddy Blazusiak and Webb took first in Heat 2. Graffunder came through in the last chance qualifier to make the final. Blazusiak was unable to make the podium this year, coming in behind Graffunder in fourth.

Brown took the holeshot and never let up the lead through the entire contest. In 2011, Brown took silver in the first ever Enduro X event and was gratified to return and capture the win. “To come back from to the silver to the gold is great. That was my goal this year,” Brown said. “All day long I was riding good and I had good times, and I knew if I got a good start it would help me win the gold.”

Silver medalist Webb drastically improved on his 2011 showing where he placed eighth. The 2012 X Games marks the second for Webb, and as with Brown, his solid start to the contest made all the difference. “”I’m pumped with getting a good start because without it, I wouldn’t be here. I feel I rode pretty flawlessly, and I’m more than happy with my end results.”

Graffunder missed out last year due to injury and was overjoyed to be able to compete this year. His first Enduro X was made much sweeter once he nailed down the bronze. “Last year I was scheduled to race, and I broke my wrist right before and it was the biggest disappointment of my life,” said Graffunder. “To follow it up with the bronze the next year is the biggest achievement of my life.”

X Games 18 Moto X Enduro X Men’s Results:
1. Mike Brown (Gold)
2. Cody Webb (Silver)
3. Cory Graffunder (Bronze)
4. Taddy Blazusiak
5. Taylor Robert
6. Graham Jarvis
7. Destry Abbott
8. Geoff Aaron
9. Kyle Redmond
10. Kevin Rookstool