X Games 18 Women’s Moto X Enduro X Results

July 1, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Maria Forsberg took home the gold in Womens Moto X Enduro X.
Maria Forsberg conquered the difficult terrain in Women’s Moto X Enduro X for her second consecutive gold medal.

Maria Forsberg took her second consecutive gold medal in Moto X Women’s Enduro X on Sunday. Forsberg won the inaugural Women’s Enduro X event in 2011 and came back dedicated to defending her title. Louise Forsley came closest to breaking Forsberg’s reign in the event, earning the silver medal and Chantelle Bykerk rounded out the podium with the bronze. Lexi Pechout missed out on a medal in fourth and Kacy Martinez, the bronze medalist in 2011, rounded out the top five. Last year’s silver medalist in Enduro X and this year’s silver medalist in Women’s Moto X Racing, Tarah Gieger, struggled to keep pace and settled in seventh.

“This race was way harder this year. The girls are faster, more consistent and have gone home and done their homework which made for a good race, I’m pumped to be here,” said Forsberg.

This was the first X Games for Forsley and her first medal in the games. She shot out early on and powered her bike confidently around the difficult track, but Forsberg was ultimately able to put herself out front.

“This is my first year at X Games, and I’m really stoked on getting more exposure out of this. I’ve been training really hard and am happy with my end results,” Forsley said.

Bykerk is also an X Games rookie and is pleased with the results, ““I’m pretty happy right now. I wouldn’t think coming to X Games I would be leaving with a medal. I am more than happy with my end results.”

Lexi Pechout  151   Chantelle Bykerk  68   Rachel Gutish  201  and Nicole Madsen  174  getting caught in the Enduro X wood pit.
Lexi Pechout (151), Chantelle Bykerk (68), Rachel Gutish (201) and Nicole Madsen (174) getting caught in the Enduro X wood pit.

X Games 18 Moto X Women’s Enduro X Results:
1. Maria Forsberg (Gold)
2. Louise Forsley (Silver)
3. Chantelle Bykerk (Bronze)
4. Lexi Pechout
5. Kacy Martinez
6. Rachel Gutish
7. Tarah Gieger
8. Steffi Laier
9. Nicole Bradford
10. Nicole Madsen

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