2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Project

August 14, 2012
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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A few Screamin Eagle bolt-on parts transformed the Dyna into a more entertaining machine to ride.
Screamin Eagle pipes give the Dyna more edge without being excessively loud.
A Screamin Eagle air cleaner pumps more air into the engine.
The 12 Fat Mini-Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser puts the rider in a more assertive stance on the road.
The premium Core Series-Grind Custom Paint job features intricate grind marks in the fuel tank and atop the fenders.
The Ape hanger-style handlebars offer a more assertive riding stance.
(Top) A few Screamin’ Eagle bolt-on parts transformed the Dyna into a more entertaining machine to ride. (Bottom) The Ape hanger-style handlebars offer a more assertive riding stance.

The Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide offers motorcyclists one-off chopper-style with everyday reliability. But, since it’s a mass produced bike anyone with 15-grand can take one home. And for some people, that kind of everyman accessibility takes the fun out of it. After all, customization is what motorcycle ownership is all about, right? That’s why Harley offers a vast line of accessories designed by the same folks that build its wide variety of bikes.


A pair of Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Mufflers ($349.95) is one of the simplest ways to extract more fun out of a Harley-Davidson. The slip-on pipes are easy to install and bolt right on to the original headers. Not only do they look more-slick than the stock set-up they deliver a more robust exhaust note, that most people won’t consider obnoxious.


Added flow on the back end means a greater appetite for fresh air on the other side. That’s where the Screamin’ Eagle Stage 1 Air Cleaner Kit comes in ($149.95). The kit is compatible with Twin Cam engines and allows more air to enter the engine. The set-up can be further improved aesthetically with the fitment of the Screamin’ Eagle® Air Cleaner Backplate Kit ($49.95) and Smooth Air Cleaner Cover ($45.95).


Stock controls have to appease the widest range of riders which is why the original set-ups rarely offer the ideal riding position right out of the box. So for those that are taller than average, Harley’s accessory department offers the 12″ Fat Mini-Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser – Chrome 56832-04A ($299.95). Like the name implies the bars are both taller and have a wider sweep which offers a more commanding riding posture. It isn’t as extreme as many other popular aftermarket set-ups which make it more appealing for some riders.


We love the look of a stock Dyna but the appearance can always be improved. So we fitted a Bullet Headlamp Kit – 4-1/2″ 69851-06 ($309.95) paired to the Headlamp Mounting System for Bullet Headlamp 69611-06 ($41.95). This set-up cleans up the front end of the motorcycle giving it a more refined look. To wrap things off we installed the Smoked Turn Signal Lens Kit – Bullet Lens, Front 69208-09 ($24.95).

In terms of quality, it’s hard to beat the paint sprayed from the H-D factory. But since it’s a production spray job, compromises need to be made in terms of appearance, that’s why Harley offers a premium Core Series–Grind Custom Paint Set in Real Fine Red 95734-10DIT ($2099.95). For that price you get a fresh set of fenders and a fuel tank featuring an intricate pattern of circular grinds on the sides of the tank and atop the fenders. It’s sandwiched between a thick hue of semi-gloss burgundy paint. It’s a rare yet attractive paint scheme that turns heads day or night. Even if you’re motorcycle isn’t brand new Harley has a Core exchange program which allows you to trade in your existing hard parts for brand new kit.

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle accessory line proves you need not look to the aftermarket to add some pizazz to your American-built cruiser. And since each component was designed specifically for your machine and comes with a full warranty, it takes the guess work out of a purchase.

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