Alpinestars 2012 Fall Touring Collection

August 24, 2012
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia
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Most know Alpinestars from its road racing and motocross efforts but the Italian company also has a line of quality motorcycle touring gear. For the fall season Alpinestars has revealed its new all-weather jacket and pants collection along with an array of gloves.


The Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex Jacket retails for  899.95
The Alpinestars Gunner Waterproof Jacket retails for  229.95
(Top) The Tech ST Jacket offers supreme weather protection for the touring enthusiest. (Bottom) The Gunner Jacket is an all weather touring jacket the offers a much sportier appearance.

The Alpinestars jacket collection receives a couple new pieces for the 2012 season including, the all-weather adventure touring-style Tech ST Gore-Tex Jacket and sportier Gunner Jacket, which are both 100% waterproof.
The Tech ST Jacket is built with a Gore-Tex outer shell for supreme weather protection that is durable and lightweight. Three-layer textile and leather construction incorporates waterproof seams and ventilation openings throughout the jacket, a feature that should appeal to most ADV riders. Stretch panels in the shoulder area and elbow accordion-style stretch panels allow for better maneuverability. On the inside is a removable thermal lining which allows for an Alpinestars Touring Mid Layer Top to be worn underneath. All external zippers are waterproof and a zipper at the waist is provided for connection to the Tech ST Pant. The top-of-the-line adventure touring style jacket comes with a price tag of $899.95.

The Gunner Jacket offers a much sportier appearance but don’t let its looks fool you. Polymer-coated textile fabric ensures the rider will remain dry even in the heaviest of rain. A full sleeve thermal liner should maintain a comfortable temperature on cold days and is removable for warmer weather. Priced at $229.95 the Gunner is an affordable piece for sport touring enthusiasts with a limited budget. Both jackets feature CE-certified protection throughout the high impact areas.

To go along with the Tech ST Gore-Tex Jacket is the Tech ST Gore-Tex Pants $799.95. Like the jacket, the pant is equipped with 100% waterproof Gore-Tex outer layer for complete weather protection. The layer provides barrier against wind and rain while maintaining breathability.

Stretch panels in the crotch, back area, and knees optimize comfort on long rides. Deep lateral side zippers allow for easy access. Safety features include CE-certified soft knee protectors while leather panels provide additional protection to the hips, knees and seat area.


The Alpinestars Tech Road Gore-Tex Glove retails for  219.95
The Alpinestar Tech Road Gore-Tex Glove is a 100% waterproof touring glove.

To go along with the all-weather jacket and pants combo is an armada of gloves all of different sort. A $219.95 Tech Road Gore-Tex Glove featuring a combination of A-Stars patented finger bridge and knuckle protection system with a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. The finger bridge keeps materials from twisting around fingers and helps prevent burst seams and finger separation while the knuckle protection absorbs and dissipates impact.

At $199.95 is the Jet Road Gore-Tex touring glove. Constructed of leather and textile, the glove enhances dual layer Gore-Tex waterproof materials as well.

Available for colder weather riding is the Polar Gore-Tex Glove.The glove is designed to give ultimate insulation and protection in winter-like conditions containing snow or hail. The Polar glove has a retail price of $169.95. Other new gloves include a WR-3 Gore-Tex waterproof full length leather glove ($159.95), Overland Drystar Glove ($119.95), and urban short Aribter Glove ($69.95), ideal for riding in urban environments.


The Alpinestars Monster Energy Howler Waterproof Jacket retails for  249.95
The Alpinestars Monster Energy Howler Waterproof Jacket keeps riders looking cool while staying protected.

For 2012 Alpinestars has teamed up with Monster Energy to create a line of street riding apparel. The partnership features Alpinestars world-class leading sport riding gear with a twist of Monster Energy styling to keep riders looking cool while staying protected. Monster Energy logos are placed strategically onto proven Alpinestars sport riding jackets and gloves. The collection will be available in early, September and can be purchased from Alpinestars Official Store or

Available in Monster Energy livery is the GP-M Perforated Leather Jacket ($499.95) T-Scream Air Jacket ($239.95) Howler Waterproof Jacket ($249.95) and Cloak Tech Fleece Jacket ($199.95).

Gloves available in the Monster Energy Collection include a GP-M leather Glove ($199.95) M1 half-length glove ($169.95) M10 Carbon glove ($79.95), and M20 Air glove ($59.95).


The Alpinestars Vika Womans Leather Jacket retails for  429.95
For the ladies is the Vika Leather Jacket retailing at $429.95.

Alpinestars are keen to keep the ladies safe and stylish with the all new Vika Collection. The line-up provides performance and protection while at the same time preserves the look of the female profile.

The $429.95 Vika Leather Jacket features a soft shell with contoured sleeves for great comfort and a hugging fit on that is classy both on and off the motorcycle. Vika Leather Pants compliment the jacket featuring removable, discreet, CE-certified knee protectors ($429.95). Also available in the Vika Leather glove ($89.95) and waterproof boot (price to be determined).

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