Baggett, Tickle In; Tedesco Out at Southwick

August 10, 2012
Courtesy of Pro Circuit Racing
Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett and Broc Tickle are preparing for the ninth round of the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, which will be held this Saturday, August 11, at the Moto-X 338 National in Southwick, Mass. Teammate Ivan Tedesco will be sitting Southwick out in order to recover from a previous injury.

Blake Baggett came back in 250 Moto 2 for the win after finishing sixth in Moto 1.
Blake Baggett has an 11 point lead in the 250 class.

Back to Work

After finishing 6-1 for third overall at the Washougal National two weeks ago, Baggett is ready to finish higher on the podium at Southwick in order to extend his 11-point lead in the 250 class. He has held on to the 250 red plate for eight consecutive rounds, and is looking forward to getting back to work after the season’s two-week hiatus.

“I’ve been doing some training in Florida during the break,” said Baggett. “I’m definitely ready to get back to racing now.”

Hungry to Race

Tickle has kept his nose to the grindstone during the 2012 season, his debut year in the 450 class. He has worked his way up to fifth overall in 450 point standings, and with four rounds to go in the series it’s expected that Tickle will work even harder to move up the ranks. After finishing fifth overall at the Washougal National two weeks ago, Tickle has proved that he’s got what it takes to run with the big boys.

“I’m looking forward to the race this weekend,” said Tickle. “I had a good break, but now I’m hungry to race.”

Ivan Tedesco will sit this race out in order to recover from an injury sustained earlier in the season.

Broc Tickle took fifth overall in 450s  going 6-4 at Washougal.
Broc Tickle is in his first season as a 450 rider and has already posted some impressive numbers.
Ivan Tedesco joined his old team for the 2012 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship Series and was able to score fourth overall at Hangtown.
Ivan Tedesco will miss Southwick due to injury.