BMW Sales, Revenue & Production Up for 2012

August 2, 2012
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Without the benefit of a lightweight racing exhaust the BMW was one of the heavier bikes in the test.
BMW’s quarterly report claims increases in sales, revenue and production year-over-year for the first half of 2012.

BMW reports worldwide motorcycle sales are steady for the first half of 2012. The Bavarian marque released its Q2 quarterly report, which also claims a 1.3% increase in revenue from its motorcycle division at 848 million Euros. BMW has also increased production and its workforce in 2012.

BMW did lose some steam in Q2, with the 37,409 units sold a 4.2% decrease from the same period last year. However, the six-month tally of 64,424 units is a 0.5% increase over 2011 totals. BMW Motorrad accounts for 59,189 of the total sales, a 7.1% decline year-over-year. The Husqvarna brand pitched in 5235 units sold, a 48.3% increase from last year.


BMW’s critical European market has declined 8.3% in 2012. The company cites the debt crisis as a driving factor for the downturn, particularly in Spain (-23.1% at 2835 units) and Italy (-30.7% at 7221 units), with Great Britain also recording a 7.4% decline (3435 units).

BMW’s domestic German market offset the declines, somewhat, with 12,488 units sold, a 3.3% increase for the year. France also exhibited sales growth through Q1 and Q2, reporting 15.7% growth from 7507 units. BMW reckons the release of its new scooter line will bolster European sales for the second half of 2012.

Other international markets show gains as well. Brazil’s 3339 units sold represent an impressive 76.8% gain. BMW also claims the 1464 bikes imported to Japan mark a 13.1% increase.


The American market has also contributed to BMW growth. US sales are up 28.9% for the first half, with 7926 units sold. In a separate sales report BMW Motorrad USA has already reported sales for July. Year to date sales through July are 7480, a 16.3% increase. The report does not list the US market’s share of Husqvarna sales.


Production for the first six months has increased 4.5% to 73,088 units total. BMW accounts for 66,472 of those units – a 1.1% increase. The biggest growth comes from Husqvarna, which has produced 6616 motorcycles – a 58.8% increase.

The BMW motorcycle workforce has grown 3.2% to accommodate, with 3001 jobs up from 2909 of 2011.