Dion Device Brake Lever Guard Review

August 2, 2012
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia
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Competing in every discipline of motorcycle racing possible, when he isn't mastering his skill of social networking, the new kid will do just about anything to throw his leg over a bike and ride it until he simply cannot hold on anymore.

Protecting not only the rider but also their machine, the Dion Device is a product that every road racer and sportbike rider should have on their ride.

In the dangerous high-speed sport of motorcycle road racing, bike protection and rider safety is important. New, innovative products are always being brought to our attention but one that really stands out is the Dion Device front brake lever guard.

The Dion Device based off a motocross-style hand guard. It is designed to shield your motorcycle’s front brake lever and prevent anything from touching and accidently engaging it causing a shoulder separating, over the handlebars-type crash. The product also provides added protection in a crash and can save the brake lever from snapping off and/or the fuel tank from touching the ground when sliding across the pavement.

Manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighing just 6.35 ounces, the Dion Device is extremely lightweight. The product uses corrosion-resistant zinc treated bolts and screws to hold it together.

Installation is simple: Using two screws, the Dion Device is attaches to the right-hand clip-on in between the throttle assembly and engine on/off switch. The Device extends over and out, above the brake’s master cylinder then pivots with a spring hinge. The position can be extended or brought in with adjustment of one bolt based on rider preference.

As we’ve seen in many situations, whether it be MotoGP or club racing, a bump to the front brake lever during close racing maneuvers can result in a crash: the front wheel could lock and shoot the rider over the front end. The Dion Device is designed to mitigate this problem. In the case of a crash the lever folds out to keep from trapping the rider’s hand or arm between the ground and the bar, a common issue during a road racing low-side accident. The device can be used by street motorcyclists as well.

When riding, the Dion Device is basically unnoticeable, besides the fact the sweet flashy anodized colors. It doesn’t get in the way nor does your hand ever touch it when reaching for the front brake lever. For $299 it is simply and elegantly designed product that can be added to your machine that can potentially keep you from an accident whether you ride on the street or racetrack.

MSRP: $299
Colors: Black; Red; Blue; Gold
Check out www.DionDevice.com to order. 

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