OMA Nationals High Wire XC Results 2012

August 7, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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High Wire XC podium with Pau Whibley  center  in first  Russell Bobbitt  right  in second and Nick Fahringer  left  in third.
High Wire XC podium: Paul Whibley (center) in first, Russell Bobbitt (right) in second and Nick Fahringer (left) in third.

FMF Yamaha’s Paul Whibley took the win at the High Wire XC in Medora, Indiana, Round 7 of the 2012 OMA Nationals. The Yamaha rider was followed by KTM’s Russell Bobbitt in second and Husaberg’s Nick Fahringer in third. Bobbitt came off the start and took the $100 FMF Holeshot Award and held the front for almost the entire first, seven-mile lap. Whibley closed in and found an opportunity to pass in a grassy section and once out front was able to open a gap in the second half of the contest. Whibley maintains a perfect record so far this season, having won all seven rounds.

“Once I got a little bit of a gap, it sort of grew and grew and grew again so it was a good day,” said Whibley after the race.

Bobbitt held a six-second lead over Whibley through the first lap, but Whibley’s ever increasing pace proved to be too much for the KTM rider.

“Today’s race was challenging,” said Bobbitt. “It was hot and dusty and the laps were short which made the dust worse. Overall, I am happy with my finish but am looking to get a win before the end of the season.”

Fahringer lost Bobbitt and Whibley early after a few early race issues set him back two minutes off the lead pace. He battled with Whibley’s teammate Jordan Ashburn for the Number 3 spot until Ashburn dropped out after the sixth lap. By that time the two front-runners had extended the gap further and Fahringer had no chance of contending for a top spot, but was pleased with his performance after the rocky start.

“I struggled with some mistakes early in the race, but luckily, was able to pull it together at the end,” stated Fahringer. “I am still hoping to pull out a win before the end of the season and will continue to push as hard as I can in my weekly training to achieve that goal.”

KTM rider Jeff Cregg came across in fourth, followed Shane Kilmek in fifth and Steve Leivan in sixth. The next round of the OMA Nationals takes place in Dayton, Iowa August 18-19, 2012.

Russell Bobbitt took second in the High Wire XC race.
Russell Bobbitt built a decent lead after taking the holeshot but then lost the front to Paul Whibley after the first lap.

High Wire XC Pro Motorcycle Results 2012:
1. Paul Whibley (Yamaha)
2. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)
3. Nick Fahringer (Husaberg)
4. Jeff Cregg (KTM)
5. Shane Kilmek (Suzuki)
6. Steve Leivan (KTM)
7. Daniel Janus (Husqvarna)
8. Marty Michels (KTM)
9. Derek Spangler (Yamaha)
10. Jake Fiddler (Kawasaki)
11. Spencer Burke (Kawasaki)
12. Mike Witkowski (KTM)
13. Alex Witkowski (KTM)
14. Darren Carlson (KTM)
15. Larry Silva (KTM)

OMA Nationals Points:
1. Paul Whibley, 210
2. Russell Bobbitt, 163
3. Nick Fahringer, 159
4. Shane Kilmek, 114
5. Jordan Ashburn, 52
6. Scott Watkins, 50
7. Zach Ingram, 34
8. Brett Zofchak, 28
9. Matt Barger, 25
9. Dennis Jonon, 25

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