Powertye Motorcycle Tie-Down Strap Review

Adam Waheed | August 14, 2012

Powertye tie-downs are a must-have product if you transport you ever transport your motorcycle in a truck or trailer.

If you haul your motorcycle to and from the track or trail, one of the best purchases you can make is a dependable pair of tie-down straps. We prefer the set-up available from Powertye due in part to its quality, ease of use, and affordable price tag.

Retailing at $24.95 the Powertye 1.5″ Tie-Down with Safety Latch Hooks measure 1.5 inches wide and approximately 5.5 feet long which helps distribute the load better than other skinnier tie-downs. The straps are fabricated from thick, abrasion-resistant nylon and come in three colors (black, red and blue). Double-stitched thread is used to secure the vinyl-coated steel eyelets to the strap at both ends.

Each eyelet has a spring-loaded latch allowing you to hook it to objects without the threat of it coming off as you travel down the road. Lastly, one end of each strap has an extra piece of fabric (soft tie) that can be used to wrap around the fork clamp or any other hard part to reduce the chance of scratching or marring your precious equipment.

The cam-buckle is simple to operate and offers smooth, slip-free action. Each tie-down is capable of securing up to 500 pounds.Overall the Powertye tie-downs perform as advertised which alleviates potential headache when transporting our bikes around town.

The Powertye 1.5″ Tie-Down with Safety Latch Hooks are available from Motorcycle-Superstore.com
MSRP: $24.95


Adam Waheed

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