UnderCover SwingCase Truck Box Review

JC Hilderbrand | August 7, 2012
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We evaluate a new way to haul our moto supplies and other necessary truck gear in the UnderCover SwingCase Truck Box Review Video.

Motorcyclists have a lot of stuff that goes along with riding. We pack gear, spare parts, emergency supplies, tools and food. Our vehicles carry all of that along with a boatload of everyday stuff. I’ve been searching for ways to make my truck’s available space more organized. Dirt riders have a hard time sacrificing bed space for a traditional work box, but the UnderCover SwingCase is a unique solution. This secure storage container tucks along the side of the bed behind the wheel well, and swings out to where it’s easily accessible from the tailgate.

UnderCover is an American company based out of Missouri that manufactures tonneau covers of many different shapes and sizes. The SwingCase is an obvious addition to their product lineup because it works perfectly with a low-profile bed covering. It also works great for anyone who hauls dirt bikes or ATVs. We have no use for tonneau covers, but we do value our bed space at a premium and have a lot of stuff to pack with us. Traditional front-mounted boxes eat up too much space and side-mounted boxes are ugly, distribute weight unevenly and make tie-down access difficult.

Dirt bike and ATV riders will appreciate that the SwingCase doesnt take up room at the front of the bed.
The SwingCase hinges away from the bed for easy access from outside the tailgate. Theres no need to lean over the side of the bed.
The SwingCase rests against the side of the
bed in an area that is rarely used.

The SwingCase operates on a set of hinges with a quick-release latch which eliminate the need to lean over the bed or climb on the tire to reach into a box. The case can also be removed instantly making for unparalleled accessibility.

Made in the U.S.A. from high-impact ABS polymer, the SwingCase uses a foam moisture seal to keep out water. It rained on our box and I even took it through the car wash without any water reaching the contents. It also does a good job of keeping out dust when driven down dirt/gravel roads. Installation is extremely straightforward and very simple. It took about 20 minutes from the time I pulled it from the shipping box to having it in place, functional and loaded with gear. A set of six self-tapping screws secure the mounting bracket. The brackets are specific to the model truck, ours was a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, and can be mounted over spray-in bed liners. Drop-in liners will work with some modification. The boxes are available for either side of the bed, but are specific to driver or passenger side. We tested ours on the driver’s side.

The mounting bracket has a pair of pins which the case simply slides over and rests on as a hinge. A pair of polymer spacers minimizes metal-on-metal for smooth, silent operation and minimal rust. The SwingCase tucks away nicely, but it can be completely removed by simply lifting it off the hinges. This is a great feature when it comes time to haul a load of gravel – just toss it in the back seat or leave it in the garage. It only takes a few seconds to remove or install. As for hauling dirt bikes, with the SwingCase latched in place there’s still enough room to load a bike diagonally with the rear wheel up against it and close the tailgate.

The hinge allows the SwingCase to swing open or closed for easy access and secure storage.Two bikes easily fit.This latch snaps shut against the mounting bracket and pops free with a quick-release lever.
Hinges use a polymer spacer for less wear. High-impact ABS resists wear from footpegs, but the SwingCase stays out of the way. It’s possible to install one on each side of the bed and still fit multiple bikes. The latch shuts on contact and releases with the pull-lever.

At 6.5 inches wide, 27 inches long across the top and 13 inches tall, it’s not big enough to hold large moto items like helmets or boot. But, its 1.5 cubic feet easily store a spare set of goggles, gloves, water bottles, tools, tie-downs, sag scale, air pump and tubes. I also use it to hold all the stuff that normally rattles around in my cab, including a tow hitch/ball, jumper cables, tow strap, safety flares and work rags. It can be filled with ice and drinks for a portable cooler; a pair of these bad boys is ideal for a tailgate party. The lid even has two indents to act as cup holders. The SwingCase is rated to hold 75 pounds. I’ve had mine loaded full-time and been slamming it shut for almost two months and the latch hasn’t bent. The only thing I can find to complain about is that it squeaks a little while driving, which is barely audible with the windows down.

The SwingCase can barely be seen when the tailgate is closed  providing extra security from wandering eyes.
The SwingCase can barely be seen with the tailgate in place. It’s sensible, secure storage.

A latch twists into place for opening and closing the lid. It can be locked for security and comes with a pair of matched keys. While you’re out riding motos, a person could just unlatch the quick-release and lift it off the hinges. UnderCover designed a padlock loop that allows the case to be locked to the mounting bracket, preventing it from being stolen. A side benefit of its overall design is that it doesn’t stand out as a treasure chest for thieves. Compared to obvious traditional boxes, most passersby don’t even realize the SwingCase is there.

You can spend a lot or a little on truck boxes. For a dirt bike guy living with a short-bed pickup, the SwingCase is the only game in town. Full retail price of $279 is as much as some regular truck boxes, but the SwingCase far outshines them with its removability, functionality and stylishness. It comes with a one-year warranty for workmanship, materials and hardware, and I’ve seen online sale prices as low as $160. The SwingCase makes my truck cleaner, safer, more organized and better at hauling dirt bikes, which is exactly what I wanted.

JC Hilderbrand

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