2013 Beta Dirt Bikes First Look

September 28, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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2013 Beta 2-stroke 300 RR.
2013 Beta Supermoto 450 RS.
The 2013 Beta 2-stroke 300 RR (above) comes equipped with a new, Beta designed and built engine. (Below) The Supermoto 450 RS is derived from the RS line of Dual Sports, but comes with 17-inch Supermoto wheels and tires and a specially designed front fender and side stand.

Beta introduces three new models for the 2013 lineup, including two new 2-stroke off-road models and a Supermoto based on the popular RS Dual Sport. Last year MotoUSA took a look at four RR models on deck in the 2012 Beta Dirt Bike First Look article, all which received upgrades to make the machines lighter, more user friendly and durable. The 2-strokes received the same treatment this year as Beta looks to compete in the 2-stroke enduro market.

The major highlight of both the 250 RR and 300 RR 2-strokes is the newly designed engine, built in-house by Beta. They include die cast main cases, magnesium engine covers, 6-speed transmissions, V-force four induction reed systems, BPV (Beta Progressive Valve) exhaust systems and a Keihin 36 PWK carburetor. An electric starter is located under the engine to help reduce the bikes’ center of gravity and add to the overall lightweight feel. Beta began offering in-house built engines in 2009 with their 4-stroke models and has spent over 24 months since designing and testing the new 2-stroke motors.

The 250 RR and 300 RR chassis is based on the 4-stroke RR models. Suspension duties are handled by a Sachs components, featuring a 48mm Sachs fork with SKF friction-less forks seals. Nissin provides the braking components for the little smokers, which benefit from off-road amenities like sturdy plastic skid plate, quick-access air filter and aluminum side stand.

The 2013 Beta RS Supermoto comes in 350, 450 and 520 versions and is based on the RS Dual Sport models coming out next year. The 17-inch Supermoto wheels and tires set the RS Supermoto apart from its Dual Sport brethren, along with a specially designed Supermoto front fender and side stand.

Beta worked to cut weight from their 4-stroke 350, 400, 450 and 498 models, finding six pounds to drop for 2013. The loss in weight comes from a number of areas, including a lighter frame, swingarm, wheels and aluminum shocks. It also added new hubs and brake rotors to further lighten the package. To improve airflow, Beta restyled the shrouds and grills and then topped off the 2013 offerings with a new auto-decompression system to help ease starting under severe conditions. The RS Dual Sport 350, 450 and 520’s also get the new auto-decompression system as well as a new headlight.

To give customers a full choice of customization options, Beta returns with its B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Beta) program. According to Beta, customers can go to the website and choose from over 100 accessories, receive an instant quote, leave a deposit and pick up the bike from a local Beta dealer close to 30 days after the order is placed.

MSRP for the 2013 models hasn’t been announced yet, so keep an eye out for numbers coming in the following weeks.

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