AMA Hillclimb Bushkill Valley Results 2012

September 14, 2012
Courtesy of AMA Pro Racing
Nate Redmann in AMA Pro Hillclimb 2012.
Nate Redmann on the way to his sixth Tilt-A-Rack Xtreme Class win of the 2012 AMA Pro Hillclimb season.

Nate Redmann roared to his sixth Tilt-A-Rack Xtreme Class win of the season and set fast time of the day in all classes by nearly two seconds in round seven of the AMA Pro Hillclimb Championship Series at the Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club’s hill in Freemansurg, PA. Scott Wentz, Jr. took his first win in the Wiseco Unlimited Class and 2011 Pro Sport champ, Ian Lau won the Strider Pro Sport Class.

Pro Sport riders hit the hill first with points leader, Chris Chartier, Jr. setting the pace early with a 16.058-second time. Lau followed up, shaving one and a half seconds off for the lead. Riding late in the order, Brandon Urban topped the hill at 17.408 seconds for third at the half. Second half action didn’t change the ranking of the top three so it stood: Lau, Chartier, Urban- 1, 2, 3 in order.

In Pro Sport series points, Chartier holds a commanding 21-point lead against his nearest rival- Lau.

Anthony DeHart crested first in the Xtreme Class, setting the pace at 13.566 seconds. Wentz upped the ante by one-half second with a 13.074-second E.T., but Redmann screamed over the top in 9.751 seconds- the only rider to break the ten-second barrier. Colby McCutcheon moved into second with a 12.920-second ride.

In second half Xtreme Class action, Alex Benner moved up from fifth to second with a smooth 11.785-second ride, knocking McCutcheon to third. At the finish it was Redmann, Benner and McCutcheon, first, second and third, respectively. Describing his ride, Redmann said his bike exhibited some “head shake” near the top jump requiring a split-second decision- slow or go. He chose “go” and the results speak for themselves.

With six Xtreme Class wins in seven races, Redmann, with three series championships in a row already, looks to be untouchable in 2012. Phil Libhart, Robby DeBusk and McCutcheon are in the second, third and fourth spots, more than two-dozen points behind Redmann with just a four-point spread among them.

Greg Dunbar set the pace in the Wiseco Unlimited Class with a 13.656-second time. Then McCutcheon dropped a 13.397 E.T. for the lead. Points leader Nuzzolilli topped the hill in 12.21 seconds taking over the number one spot at the half. DeHart’s 12.816-second ride wedged him into second and pushed McCutcheon to third after one ride. 2011 Unlimited Class Champion, Jay Sallstrom crashed out on his first ride, further injuring an already injured shoulder and taking a trip to the hospital.

Nuzzolilli waited out the second half, watching to see if his first ride would stick for the win. Rider after rider tried but to no avail, until Wentz took his turn at the end of the order. Wentz only learned on Saturday that he would have his first chance to ride a Dr. Bob Racing Yamaha R1 hillclimber the next day. His first ride, which resulted in a bike-flipping crash must have taught him a lot. He took the win on his second ride, the only Unlimited Class rider to break twelve seconds. Nuzzolilli rode to defend his position but crashed near the top, settling for second.

Coming into round seven, Nuzzolilli led Sallstrom by one point. The combination of his second-place finish and Sallstrom’s crash opened that lead to eleven points. McCutcheon is third in points, 18 behind Sallstrom.

In exhibition Hill-Cross, riders competed in the four three-rider heats racing side-by-side up the hill. The final was a four-bike raced with John Koester way out in front for the win.

AMA Pro Hillclimbers head to Jefferson, PA on September 30 for round eight.

Unlimited Class

1. Scott Wentz, Jr. (Yamaha)
2. Vinny Nuzzolilli (Honda)
3. Anthony DeHart (Honda)
4. Colby McCutcheon (Yamaha)
5. Phil Libhart (Triumph)

Xtreme Class
1. Nate Redmann (Yamaha)
2. Alex Benner (Yamaha)
3. Colby McCutcheon (Honda)
4. Scott Wentz, Jr. (Kawasaki)
5. John Koester (Honda)

Pro Sport Class
1. Ian Lau (Honda)
2. Chris Chartier, Jr. (Honda)
3. Brandon Urban (Honda)
4. Jacob Crider (Honda)
5. Dan Kuisick (Honda)

1. John Koester (Suzuki)
2. Ian Lau (Honda)
3. Jacob Crider (Honda)
4. Chris Chartier, Jr. (Honda)