AMA Pro Flat Track Springfield ST Results 2012

September 17, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Henry Wiles  17 flying to victory at the Springfield Short Track event.
Henry Wiles (17) with Jake Johnson (1) in hot pursuit in the GNC Expert Singles Short Track contest in Springfield.

The AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Grand National Championship presented by and Lucas Oil continued in Springfield, Illinois with GNC Expert Singles and AMA Pro Singles short track action. In Expert Singles, Don’s Kawasaki’s Henry Wiles took his third win of the season. Brothers Powersports’ Brad Baker followed in second and Montgomeryville Cycle’s Jared Mees rounded out the podium. The finish was enough to secure Mees the 2012 Expert Singles title.

“This isn’t the biggest accomplishment that I’m aiming for this year, but it’s definitely a big one,” said Mees. “I have to pat myself on the back for this, I worked really hard on the singles this year and this is a big victory for me and my whole team. It was only a six-race season, but it was a lot of fun.”

On track, Wiles and Baker battled one another for the front from the beginning. Baker took the holeshot from pole position and led for much of the competition. Wiles kept pace, waiting patiently for the chance to pass, and on Lap 20 he found it when Baker ran a bit too wide. The Kawasaki rider held the inside line for the front through the final laps, winning by 0.940 seconds.

“It was back and forth and just an awesome race,” said Wiles. “I stayed low the entire time waiting for Brad (Baker) to go wide and when he did I just pulled the trigger and it paid off. It’s been a phenomenal year and I want to give a shout out to my team and all of my sponsors. I’m glad I could go out there and ride for you guys.”

Rod Lake Racing’s Briar Bauman took fourth, followed by Zanotti Racing’s Jake Johnson in fifth. USC Kawasaki’s JD Beach finished in sixth while Carver’s BBQ rider Jeffrey Carver Jr. took seventh.

The Springfield Short Track event marked the final contest in the 2012 Expert Singles season, with “Slammin” Sammy Halbert finishing second behind Mees. Wiles jumped up to third overall ahead of Johnson, who is tied with Baker at 92. Mees never scored a win in the class through the six-round season, but his consistent placement on the podium put him on top.

AMA Pro Expert Singles Springfield ST Results 2012:
1. Henry Wiles (Kawasaki)
2. Brad Baker (Honda)
3. Jared Mees (Honda)
4. Briar Bauman (Honda)
5. Jake Johnson (Honda)
6. JD Beach (Kawasaki)
7. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Yamaha)
8. Robert Pearson (Yamaha)
9. Brandon Robinson (Honda)
10. Matt Weidman (Honda)
11. Kayl Kolkman (Kawasaki)
12. Bryan Smith (Honda)
13. Michael Martin (Honda)
14. Sammy Halbert (Yamaha)
15. Chad Chose (Honda)

AMA Pro Pro Singles

Bromley Brothers’ Dan Bromley took the win in Pro Singles action, beating out Kirland Racing’s Wyatt Maguire by just 0.183 seconds. Bob Weirbach Race Team’s William Cato rounded out the podium.

“When I got here, I just wanted to qualify for the main event,” said Bromley. “When I qualified, I just wanted to run a solid heat race. I didn’t have the best starting spot in the main but I had faith in my KTM. I could feel the riders around me on the final laps and I knew I had to be perfect. Thankfully I crossed the line first and I’m so happy to get this win.”

Bromley may not have had the best starting spot, but he made the best of his situation, getting the holeshot and holding the front the entire contest. By Lap 9 he had built a sizeable lead, but then Five Star Steel’s Ryan Wells went down and officials were forced to fly the red flag and call for a staggered restart. Bromley went out again and claimed another holeshot then kept cool during the final laps when Maguire intensified the pressure from behind.

Highs Dairy Stores’ Jason Isennock finished the day in fourth, followed by Montgomeryville Cycle Center’s Jake Shoemaker in fifth. Cassidy Racing’s Dustin Cassidy captured sixth with Rich King Racing’s Justin Reed holding on to seventh.

Parkinson Brothers Racing’s Stephen Vanderkuur struggled in the Springfield ST event, but remains the points leader overall, just one point ahead of Isennock. Shoemaker is a point back in third while Wells sits in fourth.

AMA Pro Singles Springfield ST Results 2012:
1. Dan Bromley (KTM)
2. Wyatt Maguire (Yamaha)
3. William Cato (Honda)
4. Jason Isennock (Honda)
5. Jake Shoemaker (Honda)
6. Dustin Cassidy (Honda)
7. Justin Reed (KTM)
8. Cole Anderson (Honda)
9. Dominic Colindres (Honda)
10. Kinji Eto (Honda)
11. Jake Cunningham (Yamaha)
12. Zack Cassidy (Honda)
13. Nick Mataya (Honda)
14. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Honda)
15. Jay Maloney (Honda)