Cornerspin’s 1.5 School for Advanced Training

September 24, 2012
Courtesy of Cornerspeed
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Cornerspin: “Road Racing In The Dirt” is releasing its next level school, Cornerspin 1.5. The Cornerspin 1.5 school continues building the learning pyramid students start at Cornerspin: Roadracing in the Dirt.

The more advanced 1.5 curriculum is designed to take the student’s handling and control skills to the next level no matter what type of bike the student normally rides (road race, sport bike, cruiser, motard or dual-sport). The 1.5 school picks up with a 1.0 review then continues on with faster transitions, heavier braking, alternate line selections and more.

The original Cornerspin school teaches high performance riding techniques in the dirt for road riders. Highly beneficial for all riders, the skills taught on dirt at Cornerspin apply to bike control on asphalt. As Chief Instructor Aaron Stevenson says, “…’The limit is always the limit’ whether you’re on a 100 or a 1000. Cornerspin allows students to find the limit and go beyond it in the safest environment possible.” Another quote often heard by students, “Traction control is in your right hand.”, was used by Michael Gougis as the article’s title when Stevenson was interviewed for an article published in RRW’s 2012 Track Day directory.

The first school is scheduled for October 6th-7th, 2012 at the Cornerspin facility in Spencer, NC.

To participate in Cornerspin 1.5, students must be a Cornerspin Graduate OR be a graduate of a similar school such as Supercamp, Mystery School or Texas Tornado Bootcamp. If this pre-requisite has not been met, students are encouraged to sign up for Cornerspin (1.0).

Cornerspin furnishes school bikes with the school tuition. Bikes used at Cornerspin include Honda XR/CRF100’s, Yamaha TTR125’s and Suzuki DRZ125‘s. Friend Discounts and Military Discounts are available.

For more information and to register: Website | Email Phone (704) 332-3147 | 707 Jackson Ave. Charlotte NC 28204.

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