Honolulu Hills WORCS Results 2012

September 11, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Taylor Robert takes the checkers during the final round at Honolulu Hills Raceway.
Taylor Robert taking the checkers at Honolulu Hills Raceway.

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Taylor Robert topped off his championship-winning WORCS season with a 1-1 finish in the final round of the 2012 season at Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft, California. Honda’s Tim Weigand put in a 2-3 finish to take second overall in the round, followed by KTM’s Joshua Strang earning third with his 4-2 finish.

Robert had sealed the 2012 WORCS title after winning the previous round at Cahuilla Creek MX. He came out on Saturday and got the lead within the first turns and held steady through the 60-minute plus one lap moto. Later that evening, an allergic reaction sent Robert to the hospital but he returned on Sunday regardless and was faster than the previous day. He completely dominated the season, earning seven wins out of 10 rounds and Honolulu Hills Raceway was the icing on the cake for Robert, a track that closely resembles those he rides near his home in Arizona.

“I was really pumped on the whole season, it couldn’t have gone better,” said Robert. “Seven out of 10 wins isn’t bad. In Taft, I really didn’t get challenged so I just did my own thing and ended up going 1-1 to finish out the season. The track at Taft was really good, it is my style of track and similar to the one I ride near my home in Arizona with pretty hard dirt and square edges, and I love all the jumps too. On those kinds of tracks you have to find good lines or they can beat you up.”

Weigand missed a number of rounds during the season and finished 10th overall in the championship; Strang competed in most events but was also back in points, taking seventh. Robert’s Kawasaki teammate Bobby Garrison earned second in the championship, taking two wins and a number of top-five finishes over the 10 round season.

Bobby Garrison had a tough time at Honolulu Hills  finishing seventh overall  but he still held to second in the championship.
Bobby Garrision had some bad luck at Honolulu Hills, but it wasn’t enough to drop him from second in the championship.

Honolulu Hills ended as Garrison’s worst showing all year, taking fifth on Saturday and notching a DNF on Sunday to finish in seventh overall for the round. His trouble started early on Saturday. After getting a decent start, he lost traction going through the first turn and went down. While on the ground, another rider came around and ran over the top of Garrison. Despite the incident, he remounted and was able to finish off the race in fifth. Garrison returned on Sunday and made it through one lap before his shoulder began to give out, forcing him to pull out of the race.

“It went pretty rough out here in Taft,” said Garrison. “In the first corner I went down and (Timmy) Weigand ran right over me, hitting me with his front wheel, case and then rear tire. Luckily I came out of it without breaking anything. The rest of race went alright, but I was so far back at that point I felt like I was riding by myself in no man’s land. I just kept clicking off laps and finished in fifth place. After the race I iced my shoulder and stretched it out hoping it would be good for Sunday. On the first lap of the Sunday moto I was feeling fine at first. I was pushing on the top five guys right in front of me as we entered the EnduroCross section, but somehow I tweaked it going over the obstacles. I decided to pull off because I didn’t want to further damage my shoulder and knew it wouldn’t last the entire 90 minutes.”

Privateer Kawasaki rider Robby Bell finished the season in third overall, just four points ahead of Ryan Abbatoye. Bell missed the Saturday race in Taft to compete in the Red Bull Lake Elsinore National, but returned Sunday and posted a fourth-place finish thanks to a final lap pass by Abbatoye. After the event, Bell was presented with the Top Kawasaki Privateer award from Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Jason Smigel.

Following the race Sunday, WORCS officials announced changes that will take effect in 2013. The Pro class will return to a one-day, two-hour format and each WORCS weekend will have “Super Events,” including motorcycle, ATV and SXS racing.

Honolulu Hills Raceway WORCS Pro Saturday Results 2012:
1. Taylor Robert (Kawasaki)
2. Tim Weigand (Honda)
3. Ryan Abbatoye (Kawasaki)
4. Joshua Strang (KTM)
5. Bobby Garrison (Kawasaki)
6. Robbie Goolsby (Kawasaki)

Honolulu Hills Raceway WORCS Pro Sunday Results 2012:
1. Taylor Robert (Kawasaki)
2. Joshua Strang (KTM)
3. Tim Weigand (Honda)
4. Robby Bell (Kawasaki)
5. Ryan Abbatoye (Kawasaki)
6. Robbie Goolsby (Kawasaki)

2012 WORCS Championship Points:
1. Taylor Robert, 456
2. Bobby Garrison, 351
3. Robby Bell, 311
4. Ryan Abbatoye, 308
5. Gary Sutherlin, 260
6. Justin Soule, 211
7. Joshua Strang, 207
8. Mike Brown, 196
9. Kyle Summers, 157
10. Tim Weigand, 117