ISDE Germany Day 1 Results 2012

September 24, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Day 1 of the 2012 International Six Days Enduro getting started in Germany.
Riders line up to start Day 1 of the 2012 International Six Days Enduro competition in Germany.

Day 1 of the 2012 Red Bull International Six Days Enduro in Germany is in the books, with the French World Trophy Team posting the top time of the day. Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Johnny Aubert, Pierre Alexandre Renet, Christophe Nambotin and Sebastien Guillaume earned a combined time of 5:37:01.50, over four minutes ahead of the Australian squad, which took second. Team Finland, the defending ISDE champions, took third. Spain followed in fourth, with Italy two minutes further back in fifth.

The US Trophy team finished in sixth and ran into a bit of trouble during the proceedings when US Team Captain Kurt Caselli crashed. The KTM rider didn’t sustain any serious injury though and is expected to return for Day 2. Mike Brown is the top American E1 rider in 13th. Taylor Robert scored 10th in the E2 division and Russell Bobbitt was 13th in E3. The Junior Trophy team landed in fifth behind the strong performance of first-time Six Days competitor Thad DuVall. The American women also struggled on Day 1 with Amanda Mastin leading the way in 11th and an overall team placing of fifth. The Boise Ridge Riders club team was the highest ranking US hobby squad, and we should be getting a personal update from team member Derek Steahly.

Italy edged out Britain for the top spot in the Junior World Trophy event. Australia lagged by almost three minutes off the lead pace in third and France finished the day in fourth. The US team grabbed fifth, four and a half minutes behind the Italians.

Individually, France’s Antoine Meo set the fastest time in the E1 class, followed by Eero Remes of Finland in second. Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino was third-fastest. In E2 the French dominated once again, with Pierre-Alexandre Renet and Jonny Aubert coming in first and second respectively, followed by Finland’s Juha Salminen in third. In the E3 class, Christophe Nambotin of France was fastest, followed by Toby Price from Australia and Swedish rider Joakim Ljunggren in second and third.

2012 Junior World Trophy Day 1 Results:
1. Italy, 3:29:27.45
2. Britain, +1:10.46
3. Australia, +2:56.98
4. France, +4:11.68
5. USA, +4:31.03
6. Portugal, +6:09.61
7. Spain, +7:41.62
8. Finland, +8:04.37
9. Sweden, +8:50.46
10. Czech Republic, +9:58.40

2012 World Trophy Day 1 Results
1. France, 5:37:01.50
2. Australia, +4:13.29
3. Finland, +5:34.42
4. Spain, +5:37.31
5. Italy, +7:49.05
6. USA, +8:15.13
7. Sweden, +8:49.70
8. Britain, +16:53.50
9. Netherlands, +18:17.36
10. Czech Republic, +24.55.94

E2 Individual
1. Pierre-Alexandre Renet, France (Husaberg) 1:06.46.29
2. Johnny Aubert, France (KTM) +34.81
3. Juha Salminen, Finland (Husqvarna) +41.59
4. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain (KTM) +46.34
5. Josh Strang, Australia (KTM) +46.70
6. Charlie Mullins, USA (KTM) +1:07.25
7. Matthew Philipps, Australia (Yamaha) +1:13.63
8. Alex Salvini, Italy (Husqvarna) +1:22.76
9. Ivan Cervantes, Spain (Gas-Gas) +1:38.20
10. Taylor Robert, USA (Kawasaki) +1:50.31

E1 individual
1. Antoine Meo, France (KTM) 1:06.56.92
2. Eero Remes, Finland (KTM) +12.44
3. Lorenzo Santolino, Spain (Husqvarna) +52:59
4. Rodgrig Thain, France (Honda) +1:30.64
5. Thomas Oldrati, Italy (Husaberg) +1:32,86
6. Daniel Milner, Australia (Yamaha) +1:47.82
7. Roni Nikander, Finland (KTM) +2:06.62
8. Maurizio Micheluz, Italy (Honda) +2:10.09
9. Victor Guerrero, Spain (KTM) +2:16.83
10. Antti Hellsten, Finland (TM) +2:21.17

E3 Individual
1. Christophe Nambotin, France (KTM) 1:07.29.63
2, Toby Price, Australia (KTM) +4.32
3, Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden (Husaberg) +47.17
4, Sebastien Guillaume, France (Gas-Gas) +1:30.01
5, Manuel Monni, Italy (KTM) +1:42.11
6, Pontius Hogberg, Sweden (Gas-Gas) +1:43.89
7, Algar Leok, Estonia (TM) +1:44.38
8, Mirko Gritti, Italy (KTM) +2:05.30
9, Marko Tarkkala, Finland (Beta) +2:06.89
10, Aaron Bernadez, Spain (TM) +2:08.80

Check out the USA World Trophy Team Introduction courtesy of IGNITION3 via YouTube.