ISDE Germany Preview 2012

September 24, 2012
By Derek Steahly
Team USA ISDE at the Sachsenring circuit in Germany.
Team USA ISDE at the Sachsenring circuit in Germany.

The 31 riders of the United States ISDE team are set to race this year’s edition of the International Six Days Enduro in Germany. Monday starts the six-day race in the German region of Saxony. Riders will face over 900 miles of eastern Germany’s toughest enduro terrain and contend with a challenging time schedule and 22 special test sections, accumulating points toward their overall scores. The sixth day will feature a supermoto style Final Moto at the Sachsenring race course.

The fast and furious week of preparation prior to the race kicked off with a team effort, unloading the US shipping container and assembling the pit area at the Sachsenring race track paddock. Riders then went to work assembling and prepping their machines for the grueling competition.

By Friday afternoon the US riders were required to be done with bike setup and prep as they were ushered through a stringent technical inspection of the motorcycles and led into the locked impound area where the bikes await their Monday morning start time.

Team USAs World Trophy riders: Mike Brown  Destry Abbott  Kurt Caselli  Taylor Robert  Charlie Mullins and Russell Bobbitt.
The US World Trophy Team: Mike Brown, Destry Abbott, Kurt Caselli, Taylor Robert, Charlie Mullins and Russell Bobbitt.

The six-man US World Trophy Team, led by Kurt Caselli, will try to best their third-place finish in Finland last year. Joining Casselli are veteran ISDE racers Destry Abbot and Russell Bobbitt, 2012 WORCS Champion Taylor Robert, as well as Charlie Mullins and Mike Brown. Together they spent much of the week leading up to the event walking the nearly 50 miles of special test sections finding fast lines and hazards and familiarizing themselves with each section to maximize the potential for the event win. In ISDE racing the difference between first and second place may only be a few seconds so any advantage may benefit the team’s overall score. By the weekend the Trophy riders were walking each of the tests a second or third time.

“If you don’t know every corner in every test you aren’t prepared in my opinion,” said Casselli of walking the tests over again.

With rain over the weekend and little rain expected in the week ahead, conditions could prove to be ideal for the US to bring home its first-ever win in ISDE competition.

The US ISDE Team riders:

FIM World Trophy – Mike Brown, Destry Abbott, Kurt Casselli, Taylor Robert, Charles Mullins, Russell Bobbitt.
FIM Junior World Trophy – Travis Coy, Andrew DeLong, Thad Duvall, Jesse Groemm.
FIM US Women’s World Trophy – Rachel Gutish, Amanda Mastin, Sarah Whitmore.
Boise Ridge Riders – Devan Bolin, Reid Brown, Derek Steahly.
Go Fasters – Nick Canny, Zach Klamforth, John Maier.
JAFMAR Senior Team – Ron Schmelzle, Billy Burns, Jeff Freddette.
Misouri Mudders – Brian C. Storrie, Scot Bright, Brian T. Storrie.
Tony Agonis Team – Nicholas Hamill, Joshua Knight, Michael Jolly.
Wellard – Fred Hoess, Johnny Barber, Jordan Brandt.

Videos provided via YouTube courtesy of IGNITION3