John Hensley’s “Chronicles of a Club Racer”

September 7, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Byron's sure to be hunched over a laptop after the checkers are flown, caught in his own little version of heaven. Whether on dirt, street or a combination of both, MotoUSA's newest addition knows the only thing better than actually riding is telling the story of how things went down.

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Check out “Chronicles of a Club Racer” Episode 1: “Get up. Fall down. Get up again,” which follows John Hensley as he rediscovers his passion for motorcycle racing.

John Hensley has earned a living as a story-teller; writing, directing and acting in various series and films over the years and, by all accounts, he’s damn good at what he does. His most notable gig was on the popular show Nip/Tuck where he worked for seven years. Prior to all the glitz and glamor though, he spent the greater part of his time doing the one thing beyond tale-weaving that makes up the foundational aspect of his being: motorcycle racing.

Luckily for us, the story-telling and motorcycle racing worlds aren’t mutually exclusive and Hensley has concocted a plan to combine the two at Short for “Chronicles of a Club Racer,” is the multimedia home of Hensley’s journey to regain his skill and confidence as a racer. He maintains a blog, photo gallery, and offers links to all the folks and sponsors that help him along the way. He has also teamed up with Motorcycle USA’s cinematographic wizard, Ray Gauger, to produce and distribute episodes of “Chronicles of Club Racer” to the masses.

Episode 1, “Get up. Fall down. Get up again.” catches John at a crossroads. He’s a loving husband and father with a successful career doing something he loves, but he’s left behind “the one thing that’s given me joy without motive” in the face of all the responsibilities of life. At the invite of some of MotoUSA’s illustrious staff, Hensley hits the track during our Superbike Smackdown to find out just how much dust has settled on the seat of his Ducati. Emboldened by the track time and support from other riders, Hensley overcomes some early obstacles, as evinced in the episode title, and finds the guts to enter a WERA event in Rosamond, California at the Willow Springs International Raceway.

You’ll have to check out the episode to see how Hensley

John Hensley in his garage at home.
John Hensley is fearless. Here he is at home, breaking down a Ducati for the first time in his life as he preps for race day.

fares in the races at Willow Springs. In his words though, “something turned on inside me. It suddenly felt good again to be on the back of the motorcycle. To feel as though there was potential to be greater, in the moment, without regard for what comes tomorrow or what came yesterday.”

“Chronicles of a Club Racer” is sure to inspire those who’ve been away from the track for too long, those who’ve never contested a race but have dreamt of taking the plunge, and those who love a good story of growth, redemption and triumph. Follow all of John’s progress and check out the HD version of Episode 1: “Get Up. Fall down. Get up again.” on for a crystal-clear look into the life of a racer finally returned to the paddock.