Kawasaki Times Square Takeover in Photos

Adam Waheed | September 29, 2012
To celebrate the launch of Kawasaki’s one-of-a-kind Ninja 300 and the return of its 636-powered Ninja ZX-6R sportbikes, Team Green held a launch party in New York’s Times Square. Tens of thousands were introduced to the exhilarating and colorful world of sportbikes courtesy of a stunt show put on by Jason Britton. Drag racing ace, Rick Gadson was also created big plumes of smoke off the rear tire of his Ninja ZX-14R demonstrating the raw power of Kawi motorcycles. Reigning Supercross champ, Ryan Villopoto was also on hand to represent Kawasaki’s involvement in the off-road world. Take a look at some of the pictures from the event and make sure to watch the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 First Ride Video to see what this new age motorcycle is like to ride.

Jason Britton shows off his skills at the controls of his ZX-6R Ninja in front of tens of thousands of Times Square visitors.

Kawasaki World Superbike rider, Tom Sykes poses by his race bike during the Ninja Times Square takeover in New York.

Kawasaki had this mint a ‘70s-era Z1 street bike on display. This motorcycle was the forefather to modern day sportbikes.

Drag racing champ, Ricky Gadson lights one up in Times Square on his ZX-14R.

Joe Laboy from New England Cycle Works in Connecticut was representing Team Green in full force.

Kawasaki Ninja riders from all over New York came out to pay homage to one of the brand that started the sportbike craze.

Adam Waheed

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