Leadbelt National Enduro Results 2012

September 10, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Charlie Mullins took the win at the Leadbelt National Enduro.
Charlie Mullins returned to National Enduro racing after breaking his elbow earlier in the season to win the Leadbelt National Enduro in Park Hills, Missouri.

Factory FMF/KTM’s Charlie Mullins took the win at the Leadbelt National Enduro in Park Hills, Missouri. Mullins missed much of the 2012 AMA National Enduro Series rehabilitating a broken elbow and the win marks his first of the season. Fellow KTM riders Russell Bobbitt and Steward Baylor Jr. made the podium as well, in second and third respectively.

“It feels great to take a win,” said Mullins. “This has been a very challenging season for me and to finally feel like I am back on track is a great feeling. Everything worked well today and I am looking forward to the final few rounds.”

Mullins came out dominated the first test section, beating KTM rider Jesse Groemm by 31 seconds. He then went on to post the fastest times through the next three sections while Bobbitt, Baylor, and Husaberg’s Mike Lafferty battled for time behind. Bobbitt proved fastest in the penultimate section and tied for first with Baylor in the final section, but the push wasn’t enough for either rider to best Mullins, who finished over a minute and a half ahead of the pack.

Lafferty finished in fourth and Groemm held on to fifth. The Husaberg rider was second-fastest in the second and third tests but had lost time off the start and couldn’t make up enough ground to earn a podium. Lafferty’s teammate Nick Fahringer took sixth and was followed by Yamaha rider Brad Bakken in seventh.

Baylor remains secure at the top of the points list, 26 ahead of Lafferty in second. Bobbitt sits in third, followed by Fahringer in fourth. Mullins moved up to ninth overall and will look to continue pushing up the list through the final two rounds of the season.

Leadbelt National Enduro Podium with Charlie Mullins  center  in first  Russell Bobbitt  left  in second and Steward Baylor Jr.  right  in third.
Leadbelt National Enduro Podium with Charlie Mullins (center) in first, Russell Bobbitt (left) in second and Steward Baylor Jr. (right) in third.

2012 Leadbelt National Enduro Results:
1. Charlie Mullins (KTM)
2. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)
3. Steward Baylor Jr. (KTM)
4. Mike Lafferty (Husaberg)
5. Jesse Groemm (KTM)
6. Nick Fahringer (Husaberg)
7. Brad Bakken (Yamaha)
8. Andrew Delong (Husqvarna)
9. Geoff Barico (KTM)
10. Grant Baylor (KTM)

2012 National Enduro Series Points:
1. Steward Baylor Jr., 212
2. Mike Lafferty, 186
3. Russell Bobbitt, 156
4. Nick Fahringer, 121
5. Jesse Groemm, 114
6. Brad Bakken, 98
7. Cory Buttrick, 91
8. Andrew DeLong, 90
9. Charlie Mullins, 77
10. Grant Baylor, 69