Moto-Electra in IOM Clean Tech Road Show

September 14, 2012
Courtesy of IceWarp
Moto-Electra IceWarp 2012.
The Moto-Electra machine is built around a Norton Featherbed frame, patented in 1949.

Moto-Electra has announced today that its electric motorbike will participate in the Isle of Man Clean Tech Road Show to highlight the unique capabilities of green motorbike technology. Also, it will be the event’s first and only motorbike equipped with an iPad-based messaging solution from IceWarp, one of the team’s supporters. Moto-Electra Team sets the stage to debut in the Isle of Man TT (2013) race, where it will showcase the motorbike in a similar configuration.

IceWarp Messaging Server provides native support for iPad that includes integrated Microsoft Active Sync. The combination allows real-time communication between the rider and the team, regardless of what devices they are using, as long as they are based on universal standards. Additionally, the rider can make the most of IceWarp’s tablet interface that makes it possible to manipulate data with finger movements.

“Moto-Electra shows that green electric technology is perfectly compatible with proven designs that have been around for decades,” says Brian Richardson, the manager of Moto-Electra Racing. “Our machine is built around a Norton Featherbed frame, patented in 1949. The high-end technology we designed with IceWarp’s support helped us both preserve the magic of this era and enhance the old design with exciting new capabilities.”

“IceWarp came up with idea to outfit the Moto-Electra bike with the iPad/IceWarp combination,” says Ladislav Goc, President of IceWarp. “It’s a great opportunity to highlight IceWarp’s technology versatility and reliability. We wanted to show that our messaging platform works perfectly in a variety of scenarios, even under most stressful and or unusual conditions. And we succeeded.”

The iPad installation on the bike allows the Moto-Electra team to try an iPad- based instrument console that provides performance information (speed, lap times, 0-60MPH acceleration time), charging station locations and monitors vital motorcycle functions, such as battery life. It also generates the sound of a “real” motorcycle for safety (electric bike is deadly quiet).

Moto-Electra IceWarp - 2012.
iPad installation on the bike allows the Moto-Electra team to gather performance information mid-race.

Additionally, the deployment turns the bike into a communication node that allows the rider to send and receive all sorts of messages (e-mails, chat, SMS) at technical stops.

“IceWarp works not only on iPad, but on all other tablets and smart phones – be it Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia,” notes Mr. Goc. “The successful race testing will introduce our technology to the electric motorbike enthusiasts worldwide who can use IceWarp on a variety of mobile devices to make their riding experience more rewarding.”

The race held at the Isle of Man each year (the “Isle of Man TT”) is not only the oldest motorcycle race in the world, but is also the most important All-Electric race in the world. Building on the success of the TT Zero motorcycle race and recent growth in the Isle of Man’s clean tech sector, the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Economic Development is taking its clean tech offerings on the road.

Beginning in Boston, USA in September and ending in Lincoln, UK in November, the events are an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of establishing a clean tech business in the Isle of Man, the latest electric vehicle technology advancements and an overview of clean tech/sustainability.

Racing technology enthusiasts can send e-mails directly to Moto-Electra bike at and get high resolution pictures signed by Thad Wolff, a former AMA champion, superbike racer and the rider for Moto Electra Racing.

Moto-Electra Racing intends to re-invent the motorcycle as we know it. Started on a sheep farm in the Blue Grass Valley of Virginia, Moto-Electra Racing is developing some of the fastest electric motorcycles in the world. “You can silently accelerate to 130 mph, or cruse along listening to the birds in the trees. This is an expansion of the sport of motorcycling. We invite you to visit our quiet Blue Grass Valley — To see for yourself the future of motorsport.” Brian Richardson

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