Motocross of Nations Results 2012

September 30, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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2012 MXoN Nations podium with Germany  center  in first  Belgium  left  in second and the USA  right  in third.
2012 MXoN Nations podium with Germany (center) in first, Belgium (left) in second and the USA (right) in third.

The 66th annual Motocross of Nations competition is all wrapped up with Team Germany coming out on top for the first time in the history of the event. Thanks to the consistent efforts of Ken Roczen, Max Nagl and Marcus Schiffer, Germany takes the overall win without scoring a single race victory. Four points behind the Germans, Team Belgium finished the day in second followed by Team USA in third.

“It’s absolutely amazing what all three of us did,” said Roczen. “We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. There are a lot of teams out there that can ride in the sand. But that it really was going to be us on that top step at the end was a really good feeling and yeah, history for Germany of course.”

With the loss, Team USA’s MXoN win streak comes to a close. The sandy track at Lommel favored riders like Italy’s Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings of the Netherlands who are more accustomed to riding in such difficult conditions.

In Race 1, MX1/MX2, Cairoli earned the top spot,  21 seconds ahead of Team France’s Gautier Paulin. Nagl took third followed by Belgium’s Clement Desalle and Roczen in fourth and fifth respectively. Team USA struggled in Race 1 with both Ryan Dungey and Blake Baggett going down during the proceedings. Dungey went on to finish in seventh while Baggett trailed back in 14th.

Jeffrey Herlings took the Race 2  MX2 Open  win in the 2012 Motocross of Nations in Belgium.
Jeffrey Herlings took the Race 2, MX2/Open, win in the 2012 Motocross of Nations in Belgium.

Race 2, MX2/Open, saw sand master Herlings earn the top spot almost a minute ahead of his closest competition, Tanel Leok of Estonia. Belgium’s Ken de Dycker followed in third and Roczen secured fourth. Baggett put forth his best effort on the day, finishing in sixth while Justin Barcia ended in 14th. Barcia came off the start competing for the lead with de Dycker, but then the two collided and Barica crashed, breaking his front spokes in the process. He was able to remount and recover to fifth but then faced more trouble on the final lap when his front wheel locked up. He had to get the bike fixed before he could finish, losing ample positions before finally making it to the checkers.

In Race 3, MX1/Open, Cairoli earned his second personal victory of the day with Herlings following in second and Barcia in third. Both Dungey and Barcia got off to a good start, running in second and third behind the Italian but then Dungey crashed and fell back. Barcia held steady in second for a period, but couldn’t hold off Herling’s late race charge. Dungey was able to recover from his misfortune, but couldn’t advance past ninth.

“We learned quite a bit and we realized what a demanding and tough track this is,” said Dungey. “You know it’s about learning. We didn’t ride terribly today, we gave it our best effort and you don’t always win. It’s tough because that’s the goal in the States and over here. You don’t really want to accept anything but a win. The older you get and the more you win, the harder it gets to lose but at the same time we did well. We’ve given 100% and that’s all you can ask.”

Team USA made the 2012 MXoN podium in third  breaking a seven-year long winning streak for the Americans.
Team USA made the 2012 MXoN podium in third, breaking a seven-year long winning streak for the Americans.

MXoN Race 1 MX1/MX2 Results 2012:
1. Tony Cairoli, Italy (KTM) 34:26.888
2. Gautier Paulin, France (Kawasaki) 34:48.070
3. Max Nagl, Germany (KTM) 34:55.821
4. Clement Desalle, Belgium (Suzuki) 35:05.629
5. Ken Roczen, Germany (KTM) 35:07.068
6. Evgeny Bobryshev, Russia (Honda) 35:31.924
7. Ryan Dungey, USA (KTM) 35:38.174
8. Tommy Searle, Great Britain (Kawasaki) 36:04.928
9. Marc de Reuver, Netherlands (Kawasaki) 36:09.739
10. Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium (KTM) 36:11.712
11. Joshua Coppins, New Zealand (Yamaha) 36:26.509
12. Rui Goncalves, Portugal (Honda) 36:27.300
13. Martin Barr, Ireland (Suzuki) 36:47.505
14. Blake Baggett, USA (Kawasaki) 34:29.092
15. Glenn Coldenhoff, Netherlands (KTM) 34:40.722

MXoN Race 2 MX2/Open Results 2012:
1. Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands (KTM) 34:41.619
2. Tanel Leok, Estonia (Suzuki) 35:39.760
3. Ken de Dycker, Belgium (KTM) 35:41.977
4. Ken Roczen, Germany (KTM) 36:30.083
5. Davide Guarneri, Italy (KTM) 37:09.308
6. Blake Baggett, USA (Kawasaki) 35:06.874
7. Marcus Schiffer, Germany (Suzuki) 35:07.424
8. Todd Waters, Australia (Suzuki) 35:10.714
9. Max Anstie, Great Britain (Honda) 35:28.672
10. Xavier Boog, France (Kawasaki) 35:54.149
11. Marvin Musquin, France (KTM) 35:55.705
12. Alexander Tonkov, Russia (Honda) 35:58.304
13. Luis Correia, Portugal (Yamaha) 36:12.187
14. Justin Barcia, USA (Honda) 36:14.449
15. Pritt Ratsep, Estonia (KTM) 36:17.208

MXoN Race 3 MX1/Open Results 2012:
1. Tony Cairoli, Italy (KTM) 35:00.015
2. Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands (KTM) 35:03.052
3. Justin Barcia, USA (Honda) 35:57.838
4. Tanel Leok, Estonia (Suzuki) 36:23.272
5. Ken de Dycker, Belgium (KTM) 36:29.799
6. Max Nagl, Germany (KTM) 36:37.789
7. Clement Desalle, Belgium (Suzuki) 36:49.104
8. Gautier Paulin, France (Kawasaki) 36:56.662
9. Ryan Dungey, USA (KTM) 37:00.614
10. Rui Goncalves, Portugal (Honda) 37:08.590
11. Max Anstie, Great Britain (Honda) 37:15.279
12. Tommy Searle, Great Britain (Kawasaki) 35:22.704
13. Davide Guarneri, Italy (KTM) 35:41.671
14. Marcus Schiffer, Germany (Suzuki) 35:51.702
15. Todd Waters, Australia (Suzuki) 35:59.865

MXoN Nation Standings 2012:
1. Germany, 25
2. Belgium, 29
3. USA, 39
4. Netherlands, 44
5. Italy, 45
6. France, 47
7. Estonia, 56
8. Great Britain, 56
9. Portugal, 80
10. Australia, 83
11. Russia, 93
12. Sweden, 103
13. Ireland, 106
14. Latvia, 120
15. New Zealand, 127
16. Slovenia, 134