Shanya Texter’s Knoxville Raceway Win

September 14, 2012
Courtesy of Pattie Prestidge Frost
Shanya Texter took the AMA Pro Pro Singles win at Knoxville Raceway.
Shanya Texter celebrating her AMA Pro Pro Singles win at Knoxville Raceway.

After touring The Sprint Car Hall of Fame she made good on a promise to PopPop, her Grandfather Glen Fitzcharles. Fitzcharles was inducted in the Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 2008. “Last year it was awesome as PopPop was with me and took the parade lap” Texter stated as she pointed to his photo with the sprint car. Her promise quiet simple ~ Do the best you can.

After the rain-out at Springfield Illinois last week the race at Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville Iowa through several Teams a curve; the Knoxville Raceway event would have been the start of the West Coast swing, now it meant they would be going back to the IMDA event at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield for the Short Track National Sept. 15 and the Mile on Sept.16, 2012

Unloading the Bikes from DFW Honda, Shayna was all set to ride the Honda CRF 450 she had taken to the winner’s podium in 2011; in fact it was the same 2009 Honda she rode to the win at Sacramento California’s Mile in July of 2012.

Going to her set-up book, checking the gear she was ready to practice which would prepare her for qualifying for tonight’s show. “The track is just so well prepared here you can count on it to be fast” Shayna stated to Brother Cory who had missed last year’s race. Tonight he would be joining the Texter Family Legacy by competing.

“After going out, we were running 1-2 in practice with Wyatt (Maguire) and Stephen (Vanderkur) it was gonna be a fast-track” stated Texter to the Track PA Announcer.

The Final Round found Shayna with the Number One spot – 22.768.

As the Track’s Pit Area opened up to the fans for their standard meet and greet – drama was playing out in the 25A Pit’s as Shayna knew she had a problem. On the last lap of Qualifying she blew 5th gear in the gear-box (transmission). “We had to pull the new back-up bike (a 2012 Honda) out and thank goodness we had two-hours but it was tight “ Shayna was telling the reporters after the races.

Lining up for the Heat Race the advantage of Fast Time gave her the Pole starting spot. The Field of Pro Single competitors with the top 16 riders all in the top 23 second bracket – lining up next to her was (18M) Wyatt Maguire from Mead Washington aboard a Yamaha, followed by (12L) Nick Mataya from Blaine MN on a Honda, on the green it was a blanket that included (55A) fellow PA racer Jake Shoemaker and (94B) Ryan Wells of New York. Into one and out on to the back chute they were still bunched up with Shayna watching the action in about fifth. Finally getting a whole she goes thru to take the lead and win the 6 lap Heat followed by Maguire, Shoemaker, and Michael Bickerton of Alexis IL.

Back in the Pits Shayna continued to shake down the set-up with adjustments. “There was no way I could have done all the work in the swap-over there were so many helping Mark Cheza (Nicole’s Dad), Billy Gruwell, Jared Mees and were helping to keep me focused. PopPop was unable to be with us tonight as he was home taking care of MomMom who had by-pass heart surgery this week”.

As the races continued Shayna was in the pre-stage area with her DFW Honda McElroy Packaging RTL Racing 25A – You could imagine what she was thinking, would a repeat be within her reach, as she made her way to the starting line the crowd was totally behind her. Faith has played such a role in Shayna’s and Brother Cory’s life with the loss of their Father Randy a former Flat Tracker and Road Racer as well as legendary Ray “Tex” Texter of Lancaster Harley who went back to the 50’s in sponsoring supporting and raising his Son and Grand Kids to race. With them both gone, in less than two years Faith, Prayers, and many conversations later, Shayna took her starting position in the middle of row one.

Much like the heat, Shayna was into the corner in about 6th and then in a moved to get them settled Shayna went to the outside to take a look by the third lap she made her move two on the outside then back down on the pole as-if she planned it out. Sitting behind the number two qualifier who also won his heat (Stephen Vanderkur) she was ready and once more using the out-side line made her move on the forth lap to take the lead. Watching and taking a page out of Shayna’s play book Jake Cunningham was able to get by Vanderkur with Jake Shoemaker and Wyatt Maguire in there wake at the finish.

Shayna lived up to her promise, to do her best, stopped and took Brother Cory for the Victory lap around the Track in a private salute to her Family and Friends.

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