2013 Vespa Scooters First Look

October 1, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The 2013 Vespa LX 50 and LX 150 i.e. both come in aquamarine.
The 2013 Vespa LX 50 and LX 150 i.e. will be available in Aquamarine when new models hit the market.

Vespa has announced its 2013 line-up of scooters; 11 models ranging from the LX50 to the GTS 300 Super Sport SE. The changes coming in 2013 are mainly cosmetic upgrades to existing scoots, with a handful of limited edition units offered. All models available come with Vespa’s characteristic steel monocoque frame and trailing-link front suspension chassis and will begin arriving on dealer sales floors in late October.

The LX 50 and LX 150 i.e. models get new Aquamarine color options for 2013. The 150 also boasts upgraded graphics which, according to Vespa, are geared to “provide higher visibility in any condition.” The instrument panel on the LX 150 has also been spruced up and includes a speedometer, odometer, fuel level indicator, digital clock, direction indicators, low and high beams as well as engine oil and fuel reserve levels.

A limited edition LXV 150 i.e. will hit the market in 2013 as well, built to the same specs as the LX 150 i.e. but coming in two color options unavailable on the LX 150 – Siena Ivory and Espresso.

The S 50 Super Sport SE in Satin Black.
The S 50 Super Sport SE comes with more agressive styling in 2013, offering customers a more sporty look.

The S range, including the S 50 and S 150 i.e., received styling upgrades as well, with new horn covers located on the front shield, improved instrument panel graphics and a matte black finish on the mudguard which replaces the chrome of earlier models. The S 50 and LX 50 share the same specs, as do the S 150 i.e. and LX 150 i.e.

There will also be two limited edition 50 and 150 Sport SE models that are decked out with more aggressive styling, such as a red front spring and sport graphics and both are only available in Satin Black.

Moving up the displacement ladder, the GTV 300 i.e. claims 21.1 horsepower from its fuel-injected QUASAR single-cylinder 4-stroke. It comes with two dual effect shock absorbers with adjustable preload on the back and has front and rear luggage racks standard. As with the LXV150 i.e., the GTV comes in Siena Ivory and Espresso. The GTS 300 i.e. spec sheet lines up with the GTV, and the GTS comes in Midnight Blue as well as Bronze.

The GTS 300 i.e. Super receives similar sport upgrades as the S range sport models, including the red front spring, and can be purchased in either Dragon Red or Montebianco White. The GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE Limited Edition rounds off the 2013 line, matching up mechanically with the 300 i.e. Super but coming in Satin Black with all the graphic sport upgrades as the S Sport models.

With the exception of the GTV 300 i.e., which was made available late September, all of Vespa’s 2013 models will hit the market late October, 2012. Individual MSRP’s for the 2013 Vespa lineup are listed below.

The LXV 150 i.e. comes in Siena Ivory  pictured  or Espresso.
The LXV 150 i.e. comes in Siena Ivory (pictured) or Espresso.

2013 Vespa Scooter MSRP:
LX 50 – $3,399
LX 150 i.e. – $4,599
S 50 – $3,299
S 150 i.e. – $4,499
S 150 Sport SE – $3,399
S 150 i.e. Sport SE – $4,599
GTS 300 i.e. – $5,999
GTS 300 i.e. Super – $6,199
GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE – $6,399
LXV 150 i.e. – $5,499
GTV 300 i.e. – $6,999