45th Annual AMA Congress Convenes

October 4, 2012
Courtesy of American Motorcyclist Association
American Motorcyclist Association

The 2012 American Motorcyclist Association Congress convened today for its 45th annual meeting. The meeting, taking place Oct. 4-6 in Columbus, Ohio, brings together elected delegates from around the country to consider, debate and vote on recommended changes to the rules and regulations governing AMA-sanctioned motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle sporting events.

“AMA-sanctioned events are the gold standard for motorcycle and ATV competition and recreation in the United States, and that is ensured through the guidance provided by the elected members of AMA Congress,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “AMA delegates are some of the most experienced enthusiasts in the country, and the work of AMA Congress reflects the collective wisdom of generations of these leading racers, organizers and officials.”

AMA Congress is the rulemaking body for amateur and Pro-Am motorcycle and ATV competition sanctioned by the AMA. AMA Congress also sets the rules, procedures and policies that govern recreational motorcycle activities sanctioned by the AMA.

“The AMA Amateur Competition and Recreational Riding rulebooks, available exclusively for the use of AMA-chartered clubs and promoters for AMA-sanctioned events, are one of the association’s most enduring benefits,” Dingman said. “Events run with an AMA sanction operate under these rules, and not according to the unchecked whims of a potentially biased organizer. AMA rulebooks are just one of the many distinguishing qualities of rides and races that carry an AMA sanction.”

The 2012 assembly of AMA Congress begins today with referee training, a government relations report, new delegate orientation and meetings of the general rules and technical committees. On Friday, Oct. 5, committees will meet to debate discipline-specific rule changes. Saturday, Oct. 6, will include business meetings and the general session.

Delegates will debate a number of topics in 2012, including rules affecting racer skill classifications, class displacement adjustments, rider appeals, recreational field meets, expanded off-road event categories and much more. A full list of 2012 AMA Congress proposals is here: apps.americanmotorcyclist.com/congress/public/

AMA members can find their AMA Congress representatives at the following link: www.americanmotorcyclist.com/about/amacongress.aspx.

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