Big Bear Choppers Debut at Gulf Bike Week

October 19, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Big Bear Choppers new logo
Big Bear Choppers Rage Hard Built will be receiving international attention this weekend during the Gulf Bike Week rally in Dubai.

After Big Bear Choppers (BBC) teetered on the brink of extinction, the company’s resurgence continues to show promise as it makes an international debut October 18-20 in Dubai during Gulf Bike Week, the largest motorcycle rally of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. BBC recently shipped four motorcycles, two Athena Choppers and two Sled Choppers, to its Dubai dealer, Motorbarn Trading, who will be displaying the bikes at the show.

Big Bear Choppers Rage Hard Built, its new moniker since Simon Scott acquired the company, will have its international representative, Michael Morisoli, on hand promoting the company. Morisoli knows the brand well after being a Big Bear Chopper dealer in addition to owning Chopper Doctors out of Corcoran, California.

Gulf Bike Week is billed as “The International Exhibition and Festival of Bikes, Custom Bikes, Sports Bike, Cruiser, Dirtbikes, ATV & UTV, Fighters, Off Road Vehicles, Accessories, Clothing and Lifestyle.” They’ve signed bands like Megadeth and Daughtry to perform during the rally. Gulf Bike Week offers a little bit of everything, from the “Thunder Parade” to FMX stunt shows to a custom bike competition. With a format that’s obviously influenced by Western culture, Big Bear Choppers stands to gain international exposure in a burgeoning market from clientele with deep pockets.