Dainese Scarpa Technical Sneaker Review

Adam Waheed | October 16, 2012

The Dainese Scarpa Technical Sneaker is for motorcyclist looking for a casual shoe that offers some degree of protection for city riding.

In many parts of the world motorcycling is more than fun—it’s a part of life that encompasses both transportation and fun. Dainese lures fashion-conscience urban motorcyclists with its new Scarpa Technical Sneaker. This footwear is designed for riders looking for a chic casual shoe that offers some degree of protection when riding.
With its hip military-esque styling and common rubber sole, the Scarpa is aligned more with a casual shoe than a true riding boot. But it does have some level of safety in the form of covert nylon heel and angle guards stitched into either side. Curiously there is no toe box reinforcement which we’d hope to see for impact protection, as well as enhanced durability against the shift lever. The rest of the shoe is manufactured from a lightweight and breathable textile material similar to a lightweight summer riding jacket so it provides some abrasion resistance. The construction flows air well especially on warm days however the material isn’t water resistant if you get caught out in a rain shower.
The sneaker is fixed to the foot with a simple draw-tie enclosure. The set-up is effective and didn’t become loose even after a full day’s activities. With its soft rubber, the bottom of the shoe offers good grip against the motorcycle’s footpeg. It also provides good traction on wet asphalt and even slippery floors. Our only complaint is that the sole doesn’t offer adequate impact protection in the event of an accident or if you hit the sole of your foot hard against the footpegs.

The Scarpa sneaker is comfortable and vents well however it could benefit from a stiffer sole and a reinforced toe area for more protection.

The Scarpa fits true-to-size and offers an average level of comfort. It’s also fairly durable with our pair still going strong after about a month of constant use on and off the bike. For sure the shoe doesn’t take place of a purpose-built riding boot but considering how fashionable it is, not to mention its effective lacing system, and it becomes a worthy option if you prioritize style and simplicity for quick jaunts in and around the city.
The Dainese Scarpa Technical Sneaker are available from Dainese online or the Orange County D-Store
MSRP: $179.95


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