Decal Girl Electronic Skins Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | October 4, 2012

Here at MotoUSA we want the coolest most up-to-date gear, whether it be riding gear or gear for our electronic gadgets. We contacted the folks over at Decal Girl to get a hold of its new Kawasaki graphic kits for a custom look on our electronics. Decal Girl recently obtained a license to sell Kawasaki branded skins and features 13 different Team Green graphic styles for just about any electronic item you may have. Graphics include Kawasaki logos printed with different backgrounds, a Kawasaki ZX-14 graphic, and even a piece featuring factory rider Ryan Villopoto.

Decal Girl skins are a fitted, full-color adhesive-backed decal used to protect and cover the outer layer of electronic devices. Protection from a skin only offers that from scratches and blemishes and owners still need a case to protect against being smashed or dropped. The skins are 100% made in the U.S. from American materials including automotive-grade cast vinyl. A special adhesive backing, made specifically to prevent air bubbles when installed, leaves no residue when removed. From manufacturing to packaging and customer service, everything is done in house at their Milton, Delaware location. Decal Girl offers a little over 2500 different pieces of artwork from more than 80 artists. Skins are available for most gadgets from cellphones and laptops to game consoles and more.

We ordered up a couple different style options for our electronic goodies. First and foremost we ordered an iPhone skin featuring a gloss carbon fiber print with Kawasaki logos on the front and back, a gloss “Kawasaki Grunge” skin for our GoPro camera, and a universal laptop skin for our Dell PC.

We received neat and individually wrapped kits for each of our skins. Included in the packaging is a thick piece of construction like paper which helps keep the contents from being bent. Printed on the paper are specific directions for installation depending on the device your skin is primed for. Also included is a code for a free matching background wallpaper on supported devices to match the theme of your chosen skin.

Decal Girl’s goal is to provide an easy-to-use protection system for all types of electronics. Application is a breeze and takes about 10 minutes. The fit couldn’t be more precise. The skins can be installed by just about anyone and does not require any tools. For the iPhone 4 ($9.99) and GoPro ($6.99) skins, each piece is cut out individually for different sections including front, back, and even the side edges of the iPhone.

Although Decal Girl makes skins for a huge variety of laptops and netbooks, including Dell, our model wasn’t included so we opted to try out a universal fit laptop skin ($19.99). The piece is a 15”x10.5” trim-to-fit size and allows great flexibility for easy installation on edges and uneven surfaces. When all said and done, the piece looks like it is custom fitted to our laptop and gives it a personalized look.

Decal Girl offers a huge variety of skins and even includes the option to create your own on their website. The process lets you choose a photo file from your computer and modify its size to fit your gadget. Prices for custom graphics are around five bucks more than offered graphics depending on the device.

Visit for more info and to order your skin.

MotorcycleUSA Staff