Help MX Racer and “We Care Cody”

October 23, 2012
Courtesy of aro
As Carolina motocross rider Cody Cornwell is racing for his  life a trust We Care Cody has been set up for donations to help with medications and medical costs.
The ‘We Care Cody’ trust has been set up for donations to help with medications and medical costs of injured amateur motocross racer Cody Cornwell.

Cody Michael Cornwell is Racing for his life. A seventeen year old amateur Motocross champion who has been on dirt bikes since he was four years old was diagnosed with Mediastinal Grey Zone Lymphoma. Cody lives now, and attended school in York County, South Carolina. An all around athlete, he played basketball in York for a couple of seasons, but his true passion was always Motocross. Two years ago, his racing schedule made it mandatory that he be home-schooled. Karen Perkins, Cody’s mother transitioned from full-time employee to teacher.
Helping manage Cody’s expanding Motocross Amateur-Going-Pro career, while teaching, coordinating practice times, and parenting was a challenge. Throw in some career changes for his father Steve Cornwell and the family predicament should be obvious.

Cody suffered shortness of breath in August, thought to be a sinus infection or possible walking pneumonia. After a CAT scan on September 15th, Cody’s family received news that would forever change their lives. He has been diagnosed with Mediastinal Grey Zone Lymphoma, located on his trachea/esophagus and arteries to his heart. Cody was immediately provided a room at the Carolinas Healthcare Cancer Center and began aggressive treatment. Because of the location of the tumor, treatments have been difficult. Currently Cody is in the hospital for six days at a time, then home for 15. This six-week cycle should be complete, in Spring of 2013.

This diagnosis is emotionally traumatizing for Cody and his family. Cody is a 17-year-old young man with actual plans, not just a dream, of becoming a Professional Motocross Athlete. He has the support and the skills that are required for such a goal. He is well on his way to realize his dream. The last couple of years have been a huge financial burden on the family with the job losses and transitions. Like many Americans, their insurance isn’t adequate for what they’re going through. A 10 day supply of just one of Cody’s medicines, to help raise his white blood cell count, is $2600 – not covered by insurance. Cody was in ICU for over a week and is looking at spending a large portion of time in the hospital. Not mentioned are the numerous CAT scans, PET scans, chemotherapy costs, etc.

David & Robin Wollenhaupt and son Brandon are also heavily involved in Motocross and are friends with the Cornwells. They wanted to reach out to the community to try to help the Cornwell family with their increasing medical expenses and have created a Trust Fund entitled “696 Cornwell Trust”.  The goal is to raise $40,000 by Spring 2013. David is the President and founder of a Charlotte, NC IT company, neteffect technologies (  and has used many of his resources as a business owner to get the Trust started.

Wollenhaupt stated, “My heart aches for the Cornwell family. Our Families have basically grown up together participating in a sport that is one big extended family. I have seen Cody accomplish remarkable goals and he is really driven to succeed. I’m hopeful that people are touched by his story and will dig within themselves to help out the family financially.”

Partnering with the Wollenhaupt’s is Right Here Interactive, Inc. who initiated the “We Care Cody” campaign, donating proceeds derived from “So Cool Prints”, RHI’s Facebook app Through the “We Care Cody campaign”, SCP offers high quality posters made from templates of Cody, for $9.99. These posters will serve as get-well cards being mailed to Cody at home and at the hospital. In addition the posters can be made into a collage poster for their personal FB pages at no cost to the consumer. This will serve as a great promotional vehicle for raising awareness and funding for Cody’s medical needs. So Cool Prints can serve as a catalyst for other organizations (i.e. schools, Motocross, church, etc.) in which Cody is affiliated.

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