Honda CRF450 Rally Unveiled

October 2, 2012
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Honda unveiled its CRF450 Rally racer today at the 2012 International Motorcycle, Scooter and Bike Fair better known as Intermot in Cologne, Germany. Honda plans to race the bike in the 2013 Dakar Rally in South America next January.

The CRF450 Rally is based off a CRF450X enduro bike that is commercially available. Check out our 2012 Honda CRF450X Shootout to learn more about the stock version. Honda has fitted a Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for

Honda will be racing Dakar in 2013 with a racer based on the CRF450X.
Honda will be fielding a race team at the Dakar Rally for the first time in 24 years with the CRF450 Rally.

reliability and durability in the world’s toughest race. This is the first time Honda will race a Rally on a production-based motorcycle. Starting in 1981 Honda competed nine times in the Paris-Dakar, amassing five victories.

The Rally model is currently going through development and has undergone testing in Japan. The bikes first race will be in the Morocco Rally on October 14th. Data gathering and bike shakedown will be the goal of the first outing.

A five-man team will field the CRF450 Rally at the Morocco Rally and the Dakar Rally. Baja racing legend Johnny Campbell will join Helder Rodrigues, Felipe Zanol, Sam Sunderland and Javier Pizzolito for Honda’s return to rally competition.

“My participation in the DAKAR rally over the past few years has been an amazing experience,” says Campbell. “I have been working very hard to bring the enthusiasm and attention of the USA to this prestigious global event. I am excited to be part of Honda’s official DAKAR race team and committed to it’s success. My role will be to provide consultant, development, rider and mechanical services as needed to the project. Our first race will be a shakedown for the team and bike at the Morocco Rally, beginning in just a few short weeks.”

Honda has a dedicated website to follow the team through news, blogs, photos and videos. Log onto and follow @TeamHRCrally on twitter. 

The Honda CRF450 Rally will be raced by Johnny Campbell along with four other pro rally racers.
Check out all the buttons  computers  GPS units and roll charts on the Honda CRF450 Rally.
The Honda CRF450 Rally is based on the CRF450X but has massive fuel tanks and fuel injection.
The level of detail and work on the Honda CRF450 Rally is impressive; it almost looks production.
Honda is rejoining rally racing in 2013 with the CRF450 Rally.
Because of the saddle tanks  the exhaust must be mounted low on the CRF450 Rally.