James Bond on a CRF250R in “Skyfall”

October 29, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Daniel Craig as James Bond aboard a Honda CRF250R in Turkey.
Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall, due out November 9, 2012, riding a Honda CRF250R through Istanbul, Turkey.

In my adolescence I thought James Bond was the coolest guy ever. I wanted to be him: throwing a confident look at some beautiful woman across a card table in Monaco, taking a slow drink from my shaken vodka martini and uttering those famous words, “Bond, James Bond,” as I introduced myself to the curious card dealer (who was likely a villain I would soon have to put in his place). It didn’t matter if he was a fictional character, he was the epitome of the secret agent I always knew I’d become.

Some years on now I’ve let those dreams fall aside in light of more practical aspirations, but whether watching Connery in Goldfinger for the hundredth time or one of the more recent iterations of the character ala Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, Bond flicks still pack a punch. As one of the longest running movie franchises in film history, some 50 years now, these action-packed blockbusters have a number of recurring elements, in addition to the aforementioned drink. Whether it’s the Aston Martin DB5, Q’s bevy of high-tech gadgets or Bond’s inevitable and ill-fated love affairs, there are essentials to making an authentic Bond film.

One of the most exciting fundamentals to a Bond film is the opening action sequence. These absurd demonstrations of daring and unparalleled risk come together after editing to make for some of the best edge-of-the-seat anxiety out there. The newest film, Skyfall, due out November 9, 2012, is no exception.

Bond finds himself in Istanbul, Turkey forced to chase after a henchman who has just taken off on a stolen police motorcycle. 007 commandeers a bike of his own from a nearby merchant and gives chase. Both riders are piloting Honda CRF250R’s, modified to perform through the streets and on the rooftops of the city.

While Craig does good job portraying the Bond persona, it took the inimitable Robbie Maddison to pull off some of the wild feats for the film. Crews made replicas of the rooftops out of dirt and gave Maddison the chance to practice in familiar conditions before hoisting him above the streets of Istanbul. Once there it took a veritable army of cameras, crew and personnel to pull off the shots but in the end they created what is sure to be a memorable and thrilling opening to Skyfall.

The CRF250R is one of Honda’s most successful off-road models, recently earning Supercross Lites titles with Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac and putting in a hell of a fight in the 250 class during the outdoor Nationals. Producers wanted a bike that could withstand heavy pressure, perform in a variety of conditions and endure a beating. To commemorate the planning, training and filming of the chase scene, Honda Video has released a video that follows the producers, Maddison and the crew through the entire process. Check out the footage below and get ready to be convinced that the 10 dollars will be money well spent to see Skyfall on the big screen.

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