John Hensley’s ‘Chronicles of a Club Racer II’

October 11, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Writer/actor John Hensley provides the next installment in his Chronicles of a Club Racer series as Episode 2 looks at motorcycle grand prix racers as the artists they are. Enjoy the latest video in which Hensley continues to fuel his fire for racing motorcycles by visiting the WSBK event at Miller MotorSports Park, providing fodder for Chronicles of a Club Racer: Episode 2 ‘The Artistry of a Thing.’

The question of what constitutes an artist is a difficult one. Seeing how their medium is subjective by nature, the answer dwells at a metaphysical level. John Hensley believes there is artistry in the way a professional motorcycle racer flows around a track, knee pucks scraping in turns, their bodies curled up in a symbiotic relationship as rider and motorcycle become one. It is this symbiosis when you ride a motorcycle that compelled Hensley to return to motorcycle racing in Chronicles of a Club Racer Episode 1.

As the Chronicles continue, Hensley addresses this question of artistry in motorcycling by going directly to the source, talking to the likes of championship riders like Carlos Checa, Chaz Davies, Jake Zemke and Jonathan Rea. The interviews were conducted this past summer during the World Superbike round at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Witnessing their talents trackside, Hensley is convinced that these men are undeniably artists, capable of achieving what few others can using racetracks as their canvas and motorcycles as their instruments.

Chronicles of a Club Racer: Episode 2 “The Artistry of a Thing” continues in the same vein as the first – slick writing, concrete imagery, smart editing and lilting music by Angels and Airwaves. Once again viewers are left eager to see

Motorcycle-USAs Chronicles of a Club Racer project was featured at the film festival. Here Digital Media Producer  Ray Gauger  left  poses with film festival organizer Mark Duncan  center  and writer actor John Hensley  right .
Motorcycle-USA’s Digital Media Producer, Ray Gauger (left) poses with Los Angeles Motorcycle Film Fest organizer Mark Duncan (center) while writer/actor John Hensley hams it up. Chronicles of a Club Racer: Episode 1, one of the films featured at the festival, was a hit with the moto-centric crowd.

what’s next. The beauty of the series so far is the way Hensley’s story appeals to a mass audience, how it’s easy to put yourself in his shoes, asking the same questions. Questioning the status quo increases its universality.

Hensley and the man behind the camera for Chronicles, Motorcycle USA’s own Ray Gauger, attended the 2012 Los Angeles Motorcycle Film Festival last weekend where CCRacer Episode 1 aired to a receptive crowd.

“It went awesome. It was definitely cool to be able to see everybody’s reactions to the film. People winced when Johnny crashed, then cheered when he won the race. Being there in person, there wasn’t the disconnect we felt when we posted it to the web,” said Gauger.

Enjoy Chronicles of a Club Racer: The Artistry of a Thing here then be sure to head over to Hensley’s Chronicles of a Club Racer site for the full CCRacer experience. Besides the videos, Hensley is populating it with blogs and asks readers to share their stories as well, be it moto-related or not “as long as it’s about you engaging your passions whatever they may be.” See you next time for Chronicles of a Club Racer Episode 3.