Motus Prepares for 2013 Model Year

October 8, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Motus Motorcycles MST sport-touring prototype.
The 2013 Motus MST will soon be on sale across America.

Founded in 2008, Motus Motorcycles has been working over the past years to introduce an American engineered and built series of sport-touring bikes that are, as quoted from the Motus website, “fast, lightweight and comfortable for long distance canyon carving and high performance riding, whether solo or two-up.” By 2011, the Motus MST’s were unveiled, powered by one of the first gasoline direct-injected V4 engines on the market, and soon after co-founders Lee Conn and Brian Case went on a US tour to test the pre-production machines.

“There is just no better way to make sure the MST’s meet our standards of durability, comfort, and performance than to personally ride the machines and iterate them as we identify issues. Along the way, we are meeting with friends, supporters and high quality dealers that have inquired about carrying Motus in their area,” said Case at the time.

Now, a year and a half later, Motus has full production plans in the works and is preparing to begin manufacturing the first 2013 model year bikes. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, the company recently scaled up to new digs, moving into the original location of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in the Lakeview district.

Motus has also reached an agreement with FreedomRoad Financial to offer retail financing to customers looking to get their hands on a MST or MST-R soon.

“We look forward to working with a well-respected company like FreedomRoad Financial to offer customers great finance rates,” said Conn, president of Motus. “A number of our dealers have great relationships with FreedomRoad Financial for retail financing already and we are excited to offer a solution for those who want to finance part of all of their new Motus motorcycle.”

In addition to working with FreedomRoad Financial, Motus has struck up an agreement with GE Capital’s Commercial Distribution Finance division to receive inventory financing support to help expand the dealer network in the United States. The support goes to dealers to help with stocking, marketing and selling the motorcycles.

“Our deep expertise in the motorcycle sector leads us to believe that dealers are excited about advertising these new products to draw customers into dealerships,” said Neeraj Mehta, president and CEO of CDF and a GE corporate officer. “We’re glad to work with Motus to encourage innovation and drive adoption of leading-edge technologies in the growing motorsports industry.”

The 2013 Motus MST is listed as starting at $30,975 while the MST-R lists for $36,975.

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