RK Chain Memo on NC700X Recall

October 1, 2012
Courtesy of RK Japan
The cockpit of the 2012 Honda NC700X is is compact and could be tight for riders over six feet tall.
RK Chain has issued a memo related to the recall for the Honda NC700X, the company reiterating the chain recall does not affect its aftermarket products.

RK Japan has issued a memo related to the recent recall of the Honda NC700X. The recall is related to the 520MKO chain, built by RK specifically for the NC700 model. The defective units are thus far limited to Europe, and the company stresses that affected chains are specific to the Honda model and not imported for aftermarket distribution. The memo is printed below, courtesy of RK – Motorcycle USA Ed

Dear RK Chain Customer;

We have been notified that an RK chain made to Honda’s Original Equipment specifications for their NC700 series motorcycle has been recalled for replacement due to defects in the chain’s material composition.

Here are the details of the recall:
Honda Model: NC700 Year: 2012
Chain Type: 520MKO
Chain Side Plate Markings: RK, Lot No., 520MKO
Number of MC’s with defective chains: 10 motorcycles total; All within Belgium, Germany, France, Italy & UK.

Note: This issue was investigated under joint cooperation with Honda and we have formulated a new material composition. On October 1, 2012 RK will begin supplying Honda the new version of the 520MKO chain. To help the identification between the two chain versions RK has added additional Side Plate Marking of “JAPAN” to the new 520MKO chain.

Please further note that this “520MKO” chain is a special chain for Honda, and is NOT imported for use within our Global Aftermarket Distribution Network. RK Chains for the Aftermarket are quite special since they’re designed for usage over a broader spectrum of motorcycle types and engine displacement ranges applicable on various motorcycle brands and categories; such as Competition MX, Enduro & Road-Racing uses, plus general On-Highway & Off-Highway applications, including ATV’s.

We apologize to all RK Chain Distributors, Dealers and End-Users if this recall has caused you any inconvenience and or concerns about our RK Chain quality. Please rest assured that at RK Chain we always strive to do our best to ensure you get the Quality, Performance and Value we promise to deliver.

Yasunori Harashima, Director Manufacturing