SuperBike New Orleans Race 1 Results 2012

October 6, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Josh Hayes at New Orleans Motorsports Park.
Josh Hayes scored his 15th race win of the season in SuperBike Race 1 at New Orleans Motorsports Park.

Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes took his 15th race win of the season in AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike Race 1 at New Orleans Motorsports Park. The Mississippi native was followed by Yoshimura Suzuki’s Blake Young, who trailed by over 10 seconds. National Guard Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Hayden weaved his way through the field to finish in third.

Hayes had pole position and got to the front early on, building his gap and remaining untouched for the duration of the contest.

“I had a great race — the most drama I had was I did a little ‘poppa-wheelie’ on the start,” Hayes said. “It took me a second to get it down and get going… The first lap everything went pretty clean. I didn’t really protect any areas on the racetrack; I just put in a good clean lap. There have been a couple sections of the track that I’ve owned through the weekend so I just tried to hit my marks on those areas of the racetrack and got myself a gap pretty early. I didn’t have a single slip or slide out there. I was pretty comfortable and having a lot of fun.”

Behind the Yamaha ace, a battle for second raged between Young and Jordan Suzuki’s Ben Bostrom. Bostrom held the advantage briefly in the opening laps, by Young was able to get by on Lap 6 and put some space between himself and the Jordan Suzuki rider. They held their running order until the final laps when Bostrom was forced to pit and pull out of the race. Hayden, who had been well outside the top five early on, had threaded his way through the pack and moved into third after Bostrom’s misfortune.

KTM’s Chris Fillmore ended the day with his best race result of the season in fourth, taking the spot from Team Venezuela’s Robertino Pietri in the final moments of the contest. Fillmore was caught in a battle for position between a number of riders, including Pietri, Foremost Insurance’s Larry Pegram, Riders Discount’s Taylor Knapp and Attack Performance/’s Steve Rapp. The five riders traded positions on nearly every lap between fifth and ninth place.

In the end, Pegram was unable to climb higher than sixth, and Knapp held to seventh. Rapp, who early on was as high as fourth, slipped down the ranks mid-race and finished in eighth.’s David Anthony took ninth followed by’s Aaron Yates in 10th.

AMA Pro SuperBike New Orleans Race 1 Results 2012:
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
2. Blake Young (Suzuki)
3. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)
4. Chris Fillmore (KTM)
5. Robertino Pietri (Suzuki)
6. Larry Pegram (BMW)
7. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki)
8. Steve Rapp (Kawasaki)
9. David Anthony (Suzuki)
10. Aaron Yates (BMW)
11. Geoff May (EBR)
12. Danny Eslick (EBR)
13. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki)
14. Brandt Dillon (BMW)
15. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki)