2013 Star Motorcycles Calendar Bike Winners

November 21, 2012
Courtesy of Star Motorcycles
Thousands of hours. Hundreds of mods. Six machines. The elite winners of this year’s Star Calendar competition are more than just riders—they’re craftsmen. Craftsmen who’ve dedicated sleepless nights and sweat-drenched days in the pursuit of one thing: perfection. It is raw passion and pure imagination that you can see in each jaw-dropping custom. And it’s what the Star spirit is all about. Realizing your dreams not on the world’s terms—but on your own. 

The Star Motorcycles in the calendar range from the award-winning super radical called “Nitemare” by Sic Chops to a garage build by Brian Veney whose custom 2008 Raider S retains most of the stock motorcycle’s charm while accentuating its best features. All of the custom Stars have an interesting story behind them, so be sure to check out the videos.

We build it. You make it your own.

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