Atlas Original Neck Brace Review

November 15, 2012
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia
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Atlas Brace has been awarded with CE certification.
The CRF450R seems to run out of steam on the top-end.
We put the Atlas Original Brace to the test at our 2013 450 Motocross Shootout.

The market for braces has become more competitive in the past few years from the ultra cheap to the most high-end racing braces. The market leaders, such as Leatt and Alpinestars have a new challenger from Atlas Brace Technologies with its own novel design. At MotoUSA we are always interested in new safety equipment, so we reached out to Atlas to get our hands on their Atlas Original brace and to it put through the paces.

The Atlas Brace is designed from a racers standpoint; by a racer for a racer. Engineers and Bio-mechanical experts refined the product over a three year period while testing with some of the top professional racers from around the globe. As a result the Atlas Brace came to life and included an array of innovative protection features and comfort all in one simple package.

The Atlas Original contains some distinct features that differ from its competitors. Clips and fasteners can be tricky to use at times but the Original’s easy on/off procedure requires none. A quick pull over the head just like a helmet and the brace is on. Also to note, clips and fasteners can eventually wear out, so without them there is no need to worry.

Fit is precise, although it may not be straight out of the box. The brace has a ton of adjustability and changes can be fine-tuned to make the sizing perfect. Strap options are based on the rider’s preference. The brace can be worn strapless, with a chest protector or with one of the two types of straps that are included.

The open frame design uses a high-strength Polycarbonate construction and is impact and shatter resistant. The frame allows brace to flex and is designed to move with the rider. This feature is huge when on the bike as it helps keep the brace from interfering with the rider’s movements, which in turn feels less restrictive than other braces.

The four mounting points are fitted with energy absorbing padding. The padding is a soft rubber compound that rests comfortably on the upper pectoral area and shoulder blades. These mounting points not only provide a cush fit but grip as well. The rubber keeps the brace from sliding around when riding, letting the open frame do its job of flexing with the rider’s movements. For compact storage in a rider’s gear bag, the supports are able to fold in when taken off.

Some might worry that the Atlas Brace is heavier than other braces but in this case it’s not such a bad thing. The higher mass helps keep the brace from bouncing around, which is crucial in the rough sport of motocross. The extra weight is not noticeable once you are riding, and since the brace stays put, it’s safe to say lighter isn’t always better.

All in all this is my favorite brace to date. From its strong and comfortable design, to its well-built appearance and style, the Atlas Original gets two thumbs up in my book.

The Atlas Original neck brace is available at and comes with a price tag of $269.99.

The brace is available in three sizes (S,M,L) as well as seven colors (White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange).
Check out for other products including the Atlas Tyke for small children, the Atlas Prodigy for teens and smaller woman, and the Atlas Carbon.

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