BMW Continues to Grow Through Q3

November 6, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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BMW recently released its third-quarter sales and production figures and, overall, the German marque continues to enjoy growth. The 28,876 BMW and Husqvarna units sold during the period were nearly identical to the numbers in 2011 (28,862). Of the total volume sold in Q3, 26,755 came from BMW Motorrad, giving the brand its best ever third-quarter sales figures while Husqvarna’s contribution of 2,121 units marked a 16.8% decline from the numbers recorded during Q3 in 2011. Both brands combined total 93,300 units sold from January-September 30, 2012, a 0.4% increase on numbers in 2011. BMW Motorrad sold 85,944 of those units (-1.1% from 2011) and Husqvarna made up the difference with 7,356 units sold (+21.0% from 2011).

Debt Crisis Continues to Affect European Sales

The ongoing debt crisis in many European countries is counted as partially responsible for the 7.7% decline in sales across Europe from January through September 2012. Spain and Italy, two countries deeply affected by the crisis, continued to post low numbers with Spain showing a 16.2% (4,351 units) decline and Italy a 28.6% (9,692 units) decline. Great Britain also reported low sales at 4,987 units, an 8.9% drop from 2011.

Germany and France on the other hand report continued growth, with a 1.4% (17,279 units) increase in Germany and a 10.6% (9,500 units) increase in France.

Brazil maintained the greatest percentage of growth among countries outside Europe with a 48.9% (5,340 units) increase while 2,288 units had been sold in Japan as of September 30, 2012 marking a 14.2% improvement on performance from 2011.

BMW Motorrad’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Heiner Faust commented on the state of BMW sales:

“At the end of the 2012 season, the motorcycle markets are showing considerable variations. Due to economic conditions development of the major markets Italy and Spain has been much weaker than expected. The markets of Northern and Eastern Europe have also been weaker than last year. However, we have been able to make up for this negative development with excellent sales in the USA, Brazil, other Latin American markets, Asia and Russia. Germany remains the single most important market by a wide margin. As of October, sales here are at the same high level as last year. In spite of difficult market developments, we are generally confident of being able to sell more vehicles by the end of the year than in the record-breaking previous year. This is an impressive result in view of the model change in connection with the volume model R 1200 GS. BMW Motorrad will now start supplying the maxi scooters C 650 GT and C 600 Sport overseas, too. Customer interest in our scooters has grown constantly in Europe since its market launch in the summer. And this December we will start supplying the new BMW HP4. Demand for our top-class supersports racer has clearly surpassed expectations.”

2012 BMW K 1300 S
The 2012 BMW K1300S is one of the models contributing to continued sales growth in the United States.

US Market Continues to Grow

By the end of September 2012 11,420 units had been sold in the United States, a 19.5% increase from 2011. BMW Motorrad North America cites the K1300S, S1000RR and K1600GT as some of the best performing models in the States.

Production Numbers Rise to Meet Demand

In Q3 alone BMW produced 29,746 motorcycles, 27,017 of which were BMW brand while 2,729 were Husqvarna. For the nine-month period reported, production increased by 7.5% to 102,834 units total with 93,489 coming off the BMW line and 9,345 coming from Husqvarna.

As a result of sales and production growth, revenues also rose in the motorcycle segment. During Q3 BMW enjoyed a 7.2% increase in revenue while YTD as of September 30, 2012 the Bavarian brand had achieved a 3.0% increase in revenue.

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