smart Teams with Vectrix on E-Scooter

November 29, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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smart escooter
The escooter concept above was debuted during the 2010 Paris Motor Show and may represent what we can expect from smart and Vectrix come 2014.

Daimler subsidiary, smart, has teamed with Vectrix in its push to produce a mass market electric scooter by 2014. Just before summer 2012, Daimler announced its plans to produce an escooter for 2014, and the partnership with Vectrix marks a step forward in that process.

“smart and Vectrix are both pioneers of electric mobility for the city”, said Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart in a company statement announcing the partnership. “The smart scooter will be a true smart and we want to make it an icon of urban mobility – just like the smart fortwo.”

The move is significant for Vectrix, since back in 2009 the Vectrix Corporation was forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy as part of an asset purchase agreement with New Vectrix LLC. By early 2010 though the brand was re-launched and has since claimed a number of accolades, including winning two consecutive European e-Scooter awards for their VX-1 Li/L+ at the annual Clean Week 2020 event in Belgium as well as being featured in the “Annual Gadget Guide” produced by Scientific American in 2011.

smart has been engineering sub-compact cars for over a decade, but has been making strides into the electric market since 2005, when it debuted the smart crosstown, which featured a hybrid gas engine/electric motor design. By 2007 smart had developed a fourtwo model powered exclusively by an electric motor and earning a zero-emission classification in the UK.

The two companies together will continue to build on the smart escooter concept that was revealed during the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Little has been revealed about the particulars of the scooter, though smart PR teases that “the new electric smart scooter will offer unique features seen for the first time in this vehicle category.”

The backing of auto giant Daimler will also be critical, considering that two-wheeled competition will be coming from the likes of BMW and their C-evolution, as well as from major players in the two-wheeled industry like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, all who have revealed electric scooter concepts in the past few years.