Sonoma CA RoadRace School Postponed

November 28, 2012
Courtesy of American Supercamp
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Due to bad weather in northern California, RoadRace Factory is temporarily postponing its camp in Sonoma, California. The date of the camp has been rescheduled for December 16, 2012 at Sonoma Raceway. Due to the inconvenience factors of the rescheduling, we have dropped the price which is now marked at just $300 for the single-day camp.

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating with us this weekend, but we’re optimistic and looking forward to newly designated date for the camp,” said Danny Walker, founder of RoadRace Factory. Just like our American Supercamp program when we first started 16 years ago, the concept for road race training is new to folks and they aren’t sure about it. RoadRace factory is giving them the chance to come out and see exactly how much they can really get out of professional instruction to hone their skills which, in turn, leads to having a lot more fun. We have a lot of great tools to help riders get the most out of their abilities. Each rider will be given a GoPro, XT Lap Timer, and a portable radar speed display for the day. These gadgets are awesome! We can move them around and see how early you get on the gas and what kind of drive you got leading on to the straightaway.”

Two of RoadRace Factory/Red Bull’s finest riders will be on site giving top-notch instruction. Superstars JD Beach (#95) and Jake Gagne (#132) will be the featured riders of the event; both of whom bring a deep knowledge and understanding of the sport and know precisely what it takes to succeed. Be sure to register now as this is a 20 rider maximum rider camp.
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