Twisted Throttle Mods a Triumph Explorer 1200

November 1, 2012
Courtesy of Twisted Throttle
Our friends over at Twisted Throttle, who’ve helped on a number of MotoUSA’s project bikes over the years, recently took a 2013 Triumph Explorer 1200 and added a host of upgrades to improve comfort, performance, increase bike protection and enhance visibility. They ended with an even more aggressive looking machine with more off-road and long-distance travel ability than is reasonably conceivable for most mortal motorcyclists. Check out the Press Release issued by Twisted Throttle below that lists all the mods installed and available for the 2013 Triumph Explorer 1200 and be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page to see the 1200 in action. You’ll also get to hear from designer Nate Bastian and installer Shawn Johnson about the process of getting this Triumph decked with some of the best ADV gear on the market. – MotoUSA Byron Wilson.

Twisted Throttle 2013 Triumph Explorer 1200.
Twisted Throttle 2013 Triumph Explorer 1200.
Twisted Throttle 2013 Triumph Explorer 1200.

The 2013 Triumph Explorer is a bike that grabs attention with its intimidating stance and aggressive styling. Twisted Throttle made it even more capable of handling the roughest terrain by outfitting this spirited steed with products that provide greater protection, as well as goodies that increase comfort and expand its carrying capacity. This Explorer can now live up to its name with confidence.

Check out the Explorer 1200 video below. Videographer Matt Buck, Industrial Designer Nate Bastian, and Master Installer Shawn Johnson show how versatile the Explorer 1200 can be. 2013 Twisted Throttle Triumph Explorer 1200 Project Bike-Video Link

Here is a list of the items installed and available for the 2012-13 Triumph Explorer 1200:

Bike Protection:
• Radiator Cooler Guard by R&G
• Bar End Sliders by R&G
• Shock Protector Tube by R&G
• Front Axle Sliders by R&G
• Skidplate by SW-MOTECH
• Crashbars by SW-MOTECH
• Headlight Guard by SW-MOTECH
• Fenda Extenda by Pyramid Plastics

• SW-MOTECH Sidecarriers
• TraX ALU-BOX Sidecases
• SW-MOTECH Steel Rack Toprack
• TraX Topcase
• Bags-Connection Engage Tankbag
• Bags-Connection Gascap Bottom Ring for QUICK-LOCK Tankbags (Electrified)

Comfort & Convenience:
• SW-MOTECH Mirror Wideners
• SW-MOTECH Handlebar Risers
• SW-MOTECH On/Off Road Footpegs
• MRA X-creen Windshield
• SW-MOTECH Handlebar Mounted Electronics Socket
• PowerHub Fuse Block

• AdMore LED Lightbar
• Denali D2D LED Auxilliary Lights
• SW-MOTECH Auxiliary Light Mount

In Development:
• Driveshaft Guard
• Device Mount (above the gauges)

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