Uhl Paints Steven Tyler Kids On Dirico Bikes

November 19, 2012
Courtesy of Velocity Inc.
David Uhl paints Steven Tylers daughter Chelsea on a Diroco Pro Street.
David Uhl paints Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea on a Dirico Pro Street.

Dirico Motorcycles and renowned painter David Uhl have a unique relationship that is cemented in our personal relationship with famed rocker Steven Tyler. Both as a principal partner and the creative inspiration for the unique line of Dirico motorcycles, as well as long time subject matter for David and his canvas. While providing subject for the brush stroke of David and his own passion for motorcycles, Tyler has opened us up to his family life, and again provided the insight for yet another series of amazing paintings featuring Chelsea and Taj Tyler, both featuring a perfectly matched Dirico motorcycle. So we asked David to reveal his inspiration, and this is what was laid forth…

“I was hugely inspired to create the piece of Chelsea after shooting a series of photographs in the woods near Boston. She just climbed up on that Dirico Pro Street and looked like a painting immediately. The paint flowed from my brushes just as seamlessly. In contrast to the soft innocence of the Chelsea piece, I was sent back through time with the nostalgic lines of the Dirico Bobber. Once designer and master inventor Mark Dirico showed me the bike, I instantly envisioned Taj back in 43′ pairing with the classic shape of a P51 Mustang. Since I have painted this aircraft several times and being familiar with it’s records, I decided to put him next to one of the worlds most famous of Warbirds, The “Cripes A Mighty”. Even I was surprised how well all these elements meshed together to create a timeless feeling composition.”

“We are pleased to be aligned with David and his passion for motorcycles and its connection to American history and its way of life. It is a perfect extension of the foundation that drives us at Dirico,” said Stephen Talarico, President of Dirico Motorcycles USA. Both Dirico and David look forward to collaborating on future projects, as our partnership has been one of wonder and a journey through the nostalgia that drives us all within this industry.

David Uhl paints a picture of Steven Tylers son Taj on a Diroco Bobber if front of a P51 Mustang.
David Uhl also painted a picture of Steven Tyler’s son Taj on a Dirico Bobber in front of a P51 Mustang.

David Uhl Studios
David’s artwork is displayed throughout the world, and sought by serious art collectors and celebrities alike. Charles Osgood, of CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, referred to David as “The Norman Rockwell of Harley-Davidson artists”. 


Dirico Motorcycles USA
Designed and hand built for seamless function, Dirico motorcycles are statements of craftsmanship, style, detail, and innovation, expressed through modern-age components yet assembled with old-world skill. 


American Iron – January 2013, will reveal an in depth article on David Uhl. Look for it at news stands everywhere starting December 4th.