2012 Motorcycle Gift Guide: Apparel

December 19, 2012
By Motorcycle USA Staff

Show your support of all things two-wheeled with some casual wear this holiday season, because great motorcycle gear doesn’t end with helmets and gloves. Motorcycle USA staff bought plenty of shirts, pjs, wallets and other goodies this past year, see what stood out from the crowd in the 2012 Motorcycle Gift Guide to Apparel.

TCX Waterproof Shoe
TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes.

TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes 
The TXC X-Streets channel a Chuck Taylor vibe. Vintage-looking leather give these lace-up sneakers a worn-in look. The leather is thick enough to offer a bit of abrasion resistance while the heel is reinforced with a thick layer of leather and the ankles have a touch of armor. Comfy out of the box, a mesh liner inside the shoe around the ankle adds a thin level of padding which contribute to its comfiness. The insole fights the funk with an antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric. A fresh alternative to the standard biker boot. – Bryan Harley

MSRP: $139.99

RSD Ronin Leather Jacket.
RSD Ronin Jacket.

RSD Ronin Jacket 
Sure, it’s an expensive gift but if you’re like me you express how much you care for someone by the amount of money you spend to make them happy. Or you might be the type of person that likes the finer things in life. Either way you can’t lose with the RSD Ronin Jacket. It is versatile in that it is both a stylish casual leather jacket and a riding jacket. It’s supple leather feels bad-ass in a happy holiday sort of way and it bumps up your cool-factor by a few points too. – Ken Hutchison

MSRP: $590.00

RSD Wallet.
Roland Sands Convoy Wallet.

Roland Sands Convoy Wallet 
Not only does Roland Sands Designs built bad-ass bikes and super-trick aftermarket parts, but it also has a full line of high quality apparel ranging from leather jackets to trucker caps. Recently I got my hands on the Convoy Wallet and I have to say it is one nice piece of folded and stitched leather. It is constructed of limited waxed leather in several colors with a snap closure and a braided leather leather strap. Inside there is room for more credit cards than I care to own and for as much cash as I wish I had. The profile is slimmer than a bi-fold wallet, making it more comfortable in my back pocket. Just like everything from RSD, the Convoy Wallet is a thing of rugged beauty. – Justin Dawes

MSRP: $85.00

Movoc 16:3 Motorcycle Lifestyle Clothing (Leslie Porterfield t-shirt) 

Womens v-neck
Leslie Porterfield “Love Speed”
V-Neck T-Shirt.
Movoc Ransom Tee
Ransom Serpent Men’s V-Neck

When I saw the Ransom Serpent t-shirt on the Web one day, it had my attention. Wayne was the first person I interviewed in this industry and was kind enough to cut a newbie a break. After seeing the custom bikes he was creating sourcing sportbike engines, I became a fan. His work has graced the covers of magazines, so why not have your creations featured on t-shirts, too?

Chris Pease is the man who had the vision to recognize the artistry of Ransom’s work and put it on a tee for everybody to see. Movoc 16:3 is crankin’ out some sweet motorcycle lifestyle clothing. Movoc 16:3 offers a fresh alternative to the overdone, over-the-top biker t-shirt craze with gear that aims to paint “a positive light to motorcycle culture and lifestyle through apparel.” Besides Ransom, they’ve got a collaboration going with “Land Speed Record” setter Leslie Porterfield who helped design her collection of graphic tee-shirts. Cool designs coming from the Movoc 16:3 crew. – Bryan Harley 

Ransom Serpent Men’s V-Neck T-shirt: $20
Leslie Porterfield “Love Speed” V-Neck T-shirt: $20

Sherpa Hoodie
Fox Sherpa Hoodie.

Fox Sherpa Hoodie 
Every girl in my family is getting one of these for Christmas (Hopefully, they don’t read this article). It started with their mom forcing me to buy one off the rack at a shop. She loves it, wears it every day here in cold, wet Oregon. Its so soft inside and so warm that it has become the go-to hoodie for my honey. Now, it will be the go-to hoodie for my baby girls too. The Sherpa zip-up: Get one before they’re gone. – Ken Hutchison

MSRP: $69.50

Fox Shorts.
Fox Hydrotonic Hybrid Shorts.

FOX Hydrotonic Hybrid Short 
The Fox Racing Hydrotonic short is one sweet article of clothing, if not my favorite in my closet. The design is simple, yet brilliant. It’s intended to look like a casual pair of shorts, but functions like a boardshort. It has front and back pockets as well as belt loops. Constructed from 100% polyester microsuade, comfort is spot on as they are lightweight and breathe nicely. This is they short you wear to the lake, on the lake, in the lake, and for the ride home. On top of all that, the short looks sick, and comes in two different colors, black and charcoal. The Fox Racing Hydrotonic Hybrid Short has a pricetag of $37.99 and is available at Motorcycle-Superstore.com. Get yourself a pair, you won’t be disappointed! – Frankie Garcia

Thor PJs
Thor Short PJ.

MSRP: $37.99
Thor Short PJ 
These are my woman’s favorite bed time outfit for a number of reasons and I am always happy to see here in this get-up. All I am going to say is this is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a gift that says: I like getting dirty too… As the immortal Stan Lee put it: ‘Nuff said… – Hutchy

MSRP: $44.95

Kids suit.
Smooth Industries Two-Piece Playwear.

Smooth Industries Two-Piece Playwear 
If you’re kids are like mine then odds are they like to ride, eat, sleep and play in their riding gear. During the riding season the only way to get my 5-year old out of his gear so we could wash it is to peel it off when he is asleep. Smooth Ind. offers these cool 2-piece outfits that look like riding gear but are more like a sweat-pant sweat-shirt combo. It’s the thinking parent’s answer to keeping the kid looking like he’s going 100-miles per hour even when he’s sitting still. Merry Christmas – Ken

MSRP: $34.95

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