Edelweiss Breweries and Castles Tour

December 5, 2012
Courtesy of Edelweiss Bike Travel
All who love to ride hard join the extraordinary tour through Tyrol. Starting in Munich  Germany  diving into Austrias Tyrol  riding further south into South Tyrol in Italy and than back through Eastern Tyrol in Austria  to Munich.
You’re sure to have plenty of photo opportunities during the Edelweiss Tour of Breweries and Castles in 2013.

TOUR DATE: August 23 – September 04, 2013

Castles and fortresses, beer, wine & champagne: ride on spectacular motorcycle roads through the heart of Western Europe! Beer is not just a drink in Belgium, it is an art and a way of life. The same is true for Germany. This tour leads you to world-class beer towns like Bitburg, Chimay and Rothaus; to beer museums, breweries and Trappist monasteries that are still brewing their own beer. And then there are countless castles dotting the hills and riversides, so many that you will lose count on the very first day. There is Luxembourg, boasting not only 157 banks, but also beautiful countryside and, of course, lots of castles.

In France we spend a rest day in Reims, home of the famous sparkling wine called Champagne and the impressive cathedral, where numerous kings were crowned during the last 700 years. The focus of the tour shifts a little as we reach the twisty roads of the Alsace region and – even more challenging – the Black Forest. A rest day gives you the opportunity to ride some of the best motorcycle roads in the universe, or you could go to Switzerland to add one more place to your list of countries visited. We have to go to Bavaria to make this tour complete. That‘s why the next stop is Rothenburg, where there is lots to see and, of course, lots to be tasted. Cheers!

COUNTRIES: Germany | Luxembourg | Belgium | France | Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: The Rhine Valley and Loreley, the Moselle Valley wine region, Bitburg, Trier, Luxembourg, Ardennes, Chimay, Reims, the Champagne region, Verdun, Alsace, Black Forest, the Danube Valley, the Romantic Road, Rothenburg, Odenwald

ROUTE: Total distance 1300 – 1900 miles (2000 – 3000 km). Daily rides 120 – 190 miles (190 – 300 km). The entire route runs on good asphalt roads.

GRADING: Route = Moderate| Hours = 5 to 7 h

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