ICON’s “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar”

December 12, 2012
Courtesy of ICON
Raiden Files.
Make-shift ramps abound in the first installment of ICON’s “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar.”

The disclaimers, “stunts performed by professional riders,” and “don’t try this at home,” come to mind after watching the first stage of “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar.” ICON has stepped up its game once again, producing a film that makes urban stunt riding seem a handy skill when trying to find a short-cut through the metropolis on the way to work. This is only the first of a number of installments though, and later on these riders encounter almost every terrain type imaginable. Watch the video below as these two riders take their Triumph Tiger 800 XCs off loading docks, up and down staircases and through all manner of typically off-limit areas in the heart of downtown Portland. They won’t be in the city limits for long though, so keep checking back to keep up with all the action. Included below is a full press release provided by ICON which offers more details about “The Raiden Files.” – MotoUSA Byron Wilson. 

Snow-tipped mountains, searing desert heat, congested city centers, and dense jungles, “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar” was the most expansive film ICON had ever undertaken. At a half an hour long, ICON’s sweeping tale of adventure was the centerpiece accompanying the all new Patrol Raiden Waterproof Jacket, Patrol Raiden Pant, and Variant Cyclic Helmet. 400,000 viewers and growing later, it has proved a worthy successor in the line of previous ICON videos such as “Drift,”“Drift 2,” and “Risky Business.”

To celebrate the success of “The Raiden Files,” ICON is proud to announce that we are releasing each individual stage of the Raiden Files for a pure distillation of riding action. Jumps, crashes, slides, and tire smoke, all set to a booming soundtrack, are available once play is pressed. No waiting, no fast-forwarding, just pure riding action.

Raiden Files.

December 10th, 2012 sees the release of the Urban Riding Stage- a blitz through downtown Portland on the now infamous Triumph Tiger 800 XCs. ICON will be rolling out each stage daily on our Facebook Page at www.Facebook.com/ICONmotosports.

Beyond being another riding video, “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar” has achieved a goal many are trying for- raising the profile of motorcycling among a younger consumer, while showing protective gear being worn. Lifestyle websites, automotive websites, and other outlets outside of the motorcycling community have posted this video as a banner of how motorcycles can be enjoyed.

ICON’s mission has always been giving riders unique options outside of the norm for their motorcycle apparel, and showing protective motorcycle apparel in an attractive light. The Patrol Raiden Waterproof line and “The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar” is the newest development of this mission, and these individual installments are aimed to take that success to the next level.

Raiden Files.

ICON would also like to thank the sponsors that have made “The Raiden Files” possible, namely:

• Triumph North America
• Continental Tires
• AltRider
• Leo Vince
• GoPro
• K&N
• Ballistic
• Galfer
• Roto Pax
• Studboy
• Warn Winches

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