LighTech Track System Rear Sets Review

December 13, 2012
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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The LighTech rearsets offer lots of adjustment in terms of footpeg position and shift and brake pedal length.
The LighTech rearsets offer lots of adjustment in terms of footpeg position and shift and brake pedal length.

Honda CBR’s are one of the few brands of sportbikes that don’t offer the ability to adjust the position of the foot controls. While acceptable for the street, and the occasional track outing, when racing—where control is everything and each second counts—it’s a crucial adjustment to have. LighTech has an answer with its Track System Rear Sets with Fixed Foot Pegs ($586.95) compatible with 2007-2013 CBR600RR’s.
Designed and built in Italy using high-grade billet aluminum, the parts are finished in a durable and scratch-resistant black anodizing. The foot controls are a tad lighter than stock and are a direct replacement for the OE components. Each assembly is easy to mount with the included hex-style fasteners.
Probably the best feature of the LighTech set-up is the wide range of adjustment. The location of the footpegs can be moved both vertically and fore/aft which allows both taller and shorter riders to achieve a better and more comfortable tuck. It also increases the ground clearance at lean. In addition to the height adjustment on the shift and back brake levers, the position of the knob can be moved forward and backward. This makes it easier to actuate as the rider doesn’t need to move his foot to “search” for the lever.
The rear sets are modular and each individual piece, including the footpegs, can be replaced in the event of a crash. The ‘pegs feature a sharp, knurled finish which keeps the sole of the rider’s boot firmly planted against the peg. This is a big plus when maneuvering from side-to-side through quick transition-style turns. For those that prefer reverse-style shifting, the mounting point for the shift lever can be flipped to accommodate this setting.

We had Escondido  Californias MC Pro Designs paint our racebike in the same color scheme as a 2012 production bike at a cost of  750  without the fuel tank.

The LighTech rear sets allow for a more tailored fit and also have the ability to increase the cornering clearance of the motorcycle at lean.

With a cost of nearly $600 LighTech’s rear sets can’t be deemed cheap but considering the quality of construction, range and simplicity of adjustment, not to mention the excellent grip against the boot sole the foot controls are a must for racers or track day enthusiasts seeking to improve control and rider comfort out on track.

The LighTech Track System Rear Sets with Fixed Foot Pegs are available at OPP Racing.

MSRP: $586.95

LighTech Rear Sets Highs & Lows
  • Easy to install
  • Footpegs have excellent grip against boot sole
  • Plenty of adjustability
  • Expensive

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